From the Observation Deck (Vol.5)

Good to have some real games to watch, isn’t it? Pretty entertaining weekend to say the least!  As I drink my morning coffee, I’m left with some impressions from the weekend…. What is going on in Carolina?  This team, rather this franchise, is spiraling down  the drain.  What was THAT yesterday?  Jake “the turnover machine” …

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From the Observation Deck (Vol.3)

Preseason Games- Enough already with the preseason games, is it me or does it seem this year’s fake games will never be finished?  Let’s not get carried away with them either, I mean do you really think the Jets will beat the Giants or the Lions will beat the Colts when the real bullets fly? …

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From the Observation Deck….(Volume 1)

Much like my colleague David E.’s “Sports as I see it” column, I will periodically post a “From the Observation Deck” to opine, lampoon, criticize and otherwise spew my thoughts and comments on sports in the news… Preseason games – How do you rate preseason games? When watching your favorite team play, would you rather …

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