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The Home of the one and only WORLD CHAMPION HANDICAPPER Sonny LaFouchi(aka The Legend)!

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Welcome to the home of the National Sports Advisors. While many services make bold predictions and false promises, NSA just produces consistent winners without the hype. Everyday our top handicapper Sonny LaFouchi(aka “The LEGEND”) releases his top selections, which are among the most sought after releases offshore and on the Las Vegas strip. Players from Las Vegas to Great Britain purchase Sonny’s top releases daily. Sonny has many contacts that he relies on for the information he needs to ensure that NSA gives not just winning picks, but consistentwinning picks. Sonny does not overhype his picks, nor does he boast about having “97% LIFETIME SYSTEMS” or “fixed games” like other deceitful services. What Sonny does have, is a gift. He has a gift to handicap like no other man in his field, and he is primarily responsible for turning NSA from a small online service into one of the biggest and most successful handicapping services in the United States. NSAwins.com has been featured on many national websites, radio, TV outlets and print publications. NSA’s clientele ranks up there with every other legitimate service. Why? Simple. Sonny has been producing winners consistently all his life. He has over 40 years of handicapping experience under his belt, and the old vegas wiseguy knows every trick in the book and has insider connections across the nation second to none. If you want to invest your money in a service, you would be making a great decision to let Sonny work for you. He won’t BS you. He will just WIN and make money for you.

Reasons to Join USA’s #1 Sports Handicapping Service

The BEST Handicappers and the BEST Information Sources

When you deal with the National Sports Advisors, you are dealing with the service that gets the best information from the top sources in the industry. Every week our top handicapper Sonny LaFouchi(aka The LEGEND) talks and exchanges information with top sports reporters, team insiders, vegas and offshore sportsbook directors, vegas oddsmakers, sports radio and tv personalities, top professional sports betting syndicates, sharp bettors, and more. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to gathering the very best information that money can and can’t buy! With over 40 years of handicapping experience under his belt and numerous handicapping accolades and championships to fall back on, the LEGEND is the one man that everyone stops what they are doing to talk to.

Updated Sports Information and Handicapping Resources Daily

NSAwins.com is more than just a site that sells winning sports picks. Our website is one of the most useful and resourceful guides for all sports betting enthusiasts and sports handicappers. Everyday our website posts free live vegas and offshore sportsbook odds, sportsbook bonuses, articles, free picks, online gambling news, and more. You can think of our website like the sports betting section in a newspaper. We bring it all to you each and everyday.

100% Honest, Secure, and Hassle-Free!

There is a reason why NSAwins.com is one of the most trusted and successful websites in this industry. We are straight shooters and honest. At NSAwins.com, we never divulge, sell, trade, or solicit your business, name, address, phone number, or email address. We have a strict privacy policy that we adhere to no matter how much money is offered to us to give up our clients’ information. We do not cold call and try to sell our clients more picks over the telephone and we do not deceive our clients with “PAID OFF LOCKS” and “FIXED” plays. All plays we call “GUARANTEED WINNERS” do NOT mean they cannot lose, but rather they are GUARANTEED to win or the next day’s plays are FREE. In fact, when you call our office we will only discuss the realities of sports betting. This is NOT a get rich quick scheme. Winning lots of money by betting on sports is NOT guaranteed and takes time to accumulate. Losing weeks can occur, so keep that in mind before you jump into sports betting. However, make no mistake, producing consistent and HUGE winning results is what we are known for and why our thousands of satisfied and loyal clients continue to pay us their hard earned money for our award-winning sports information tips.

One Set of Plays for ALL Clients. No Questions Asked!

If there is one thing that irritates and upsets us more than anything else in the sports handicapping industry, than it has to be the dirty tactic of “upselling” and “leveling” of picks from so-called sports handicapping companies. An example of this deceitful tactic is a service trying to sell a client better plays for more money by telling him that he did not sign up for the “Platinum Club” or “Vip Level” service. If Bob from Idaho really wants to get the “BEST PLAYS”, than he needs to send the service more money to get these plays. Does that sound fair? Of course not! These scam sports services always excuse their poor performance on the plays that the client bought by telling he or she that they are not signed up for the best plays. Don’t fall for this BS. It is just a marketing ploy designed to get the most money out of you by the sports service working this “bait and switch” tactic. At NSA all of our customers receive the same picks for the same fair price.

We Provide You With True WISEGUY Moves and a System that makes you a WINNER.

Our job is simple, yet it’s a job few can succeed at. Thousands of players pay us to provide winning sports picks that can consistently beat the vegas numbers day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. Everyday our top handicapper Sonny LaFouchi(aka “The LEGEND”) looks at the sports betting board at the Las Vegas sportsbooks and pinpoints games that he thinks have “soft” numbers and then uses his information sources to determine the strongest BEST BETS to place money on daily. A “soft” number is a number that is not set with the outcome of the game in mind, instead it is set based on outdated trends, misguided public perception, and unknown injury and off the field information. It’s these “soft” numbers that seasoned professional sports bettors and handicappers like Sonny LaFouchi swallow up and use to make the vegas and offshore sportsbooks pay. When you are a member with NSA, we give you what we call “true wiseguy moves” and a proven money management system that puts you one step ahead of the oddsmakers.

View Today’s Expert Sports Picks from World Champion Handicapper Sonny LaFouchi(aka The LEGEND)!

Feel Free to call us anytime toll-free at 1-866-444-8427 or email us at [email protected] to get more information on the services we provide. NO BELLS and WHISTLES. NO FLUFF. JUST WINNING RESULTS!

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