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Frequently Asked Questions from NSAwins.com Clients


How many picks does The LEGEND release each week?
A normal week consists of 42 picks. The LEGEND releases 3 BEST BETS and 3 BONUS BETS per day, as we try to limit the volume and only play the BEST picks. It makes no sense to play more than that. It’s how undisciplined gamblers blow thru their bankroll.

Do I get all of The LEGEND’s picks with my membership?
Yes! Your membership includes ALL of The LEGEND’s picks for the length you signed up for. No gimmicks. No upsells.

If I cannot get online, can I call for the plays?
Absolutely. Our office hours are 9:00AM EST to 9:00PM EST monday thru friday, and 8:00AM to 11:00PM EST on saturdays and sundays. That is for telephone support only. Our email support hours are 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can I purchase picks before or after your listed office hours?
Yes, you can signup at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our purchasing system is fully automated and you will have access to our members area immediately after your successful payment. After payment, you will be taken to a page where you will setup your own username and password. After you setup your login codes, you will be taken to our login page to login.

I cannot pay online. Can I pay thru other methods?
Yes. We prefer that you signup online thru our Paypal and Authorize.net(credit card/online check) payment methods, but we do accept money orders, bitcoin, cash app, moneygram, and other options, if necessary. However, we cannot give access to our members area until we receive your payment. Thus, it is easier and faster to pay online.

Do you store credit card information securely?
Even better, we do not store it at all. Your payment information is securely transmitted thru either Paypal or Authorize.net’s servers for safe payment processing. We never see your credit card information at all and payments are one-time only. No recurring charges. We don’t want the liability of storing credit card information and customers can pay with confidence knowing Paypal and Authorize.net are the best at what they do in ecommerce payment processing.

I signed up today and the BEST BET release already started. Can I get tomorrow’s card for FREE?
Yes. If our top-rated release has already started when you make your purchase, than your membership will begin on the following day. Therefore, all of our other picks are FREE on the day you signup if our top-rated release has already started.

What line do you give out with your picks?
We check out a variety of offshore and vegas books for the best available lines. The line we post with our picks is the current line at the time we post it. We highly recommend that our members search for the best lines possible, as playing the best lines can add a lot to your overall profit. We have a list of regulated USA and offshore sportsbooks that we have complete confidence in recommending to you. We do not endorse any illegal gambling activity at NSA, so please check your local, state, and federal laws before placing any wagers.

How do you come up with your plays?
Our plays are derived from a number of sources and handicapping methods, including statistical research, state-of-the-art computer systems, power rating indexes, line movements, and wiseguy action. However, we are best known for our access to WISEGUY INFORMATION. When it comes to contacts and sources throughout the sports world, we feel that we are the standard that all other handicappers and services try to emulate and be. Thanks to our many friends and well respected national reputation, we often are the first service to find out about unreported injuries, internal team rifts, gametime decisions, coaching gameplans, practice reports, off the court issues, weather situations, etc… Due to our relationships with many respected national sources, we have access to information that the general public simply cannot obtain. What we call WISEGUY INFORMATION is the key to being successful at legal sports wagering. We at NSA feel that we have more contacts and sources than anyone else in the industry. We certainly work the hardest at gathering information!

What sports do you handicap the best?
We handicap all sports well and we’ll put our picks up against any other service in the country. We produce winners in all sports that we handicap. Our contacts and knowledge in college and pro football, college and pro basketball, and major league baseball are second to none. We have built our reputation on our outstanding and award winning results in a variety of sports. If we sell it, you can have confidence in us! Period.

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