From the Observation Deck….(Volume 1)

Much like my colleague David E.’s “Sports as I see it” column, I will periodically post a “From the Observation Deck” to opine, lampoon, criticize and otherwise spew my thoughts and comments on sports in the news…

Preseason games How do you rate preseason games? When watching your favorite team play, would you rather your team look good when the starters are in, have the lead when they leave, and then end up losing the game, or, do you feel better if they win the game even if the first stringers got outplayed? My goals for preseason games are (1) Don’t suffer any major injuries to starters (2) Have my starters dominate or look good and (3) Take a look at the rookies and newcomers. If we also win the game, even better, but too many of these affairs are won and lost by people you don’t know and who will be getting visited by the Turk in short order.

Orton vs. Cutler – One of the things that really pisses me off is when your favorite team is inside the 10 yard line and your quarterback throws an interception in the end zone. You are thinking the worst case scenario is you can bank on a chip-shot FG if you can’t score a TD. Well, this is exactly what Denver’s Kyle Orton did last night after moving the ball pretty well against San Francisco. Then, to add insult to injury, he threw 2 more picks before his night was over, and then Chris Simms came in and threw for 3 TD’s. The fans in Denver have been booing Orton in training camp and I’m sure THAT isn’t going to get them off his ass. Before you Jay Cutler fans whoop it up, the prima donna in Chicago threw a pick on a wobbly duck against the Bills tonight and he threw another one right into the numbers of a Bills DB only to have him drop it. So, for now, call it a draw, they both sucked… stay tuned, this will be a much-watched storyline all year in the league.

Beer Dousing in Chicago – Did you see Shane Victorino of the Phillies get doused with beer while catching a fly ball at the wall the other night? It looked awesome in HD… Now, THAT is good concentration! I don’t know about you, but if I spent $7-8 bucks on ballpark suds, I ain’t wasting it by throwing it at anyone! Outfielders should wear protection, it would give “beer-goggles” a whole different meaning…..

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Criticizes NASCAR – I’m not the biggest fan of the “left-turn” sport, but saw where Dale Jr. is criticizing the new “car of tomorrow” that was mandated by NASCAR. Is this why you can’t win and you’re falling down the rankings week by week? Good lord, first you blamed your stepmother when she owned your car, then after not winning this year with a top-notch owner, they fired your cousin and crew chief. That must’ve been the reason, it couldn’t be you…. Well, now that you still aren’t winning, you’re going after NASCAR? Time to look in the mirror buddy boy! Face it, you’re just not that good…

Peter King – Our favorite blowhard, Peter King of is at it again…. Did you see him declaring “Philadelphia is the perfect fit for Vick”. Oh, really… Why Peter, because Vick said it and Tony “The Babysitter” Dungy said it was the case? It’s getting mixed views and if the rumors are to be believed, Chunky Soup McNabb isn’t really on board, he is just going along so he doesn’t look like a jerk. I think there are better situations for Vick especially where it comes to playing time. What I think is that Philly offered the most MONEY and that’s what made it perfect for Vick.

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