Weekend Impressions…..

The NFL preseason kicked off last night with the Titans beating the Bills. Preseason games are okay while the starters are in, but they are a snooze-fest after they leave. Before long, you’ll hear voices calling for less preseason games and an 18 game regular season. While I would love to see less preseason games, I don’t think the 18 game format is such a good thing. The players would want more money and injuries are sure to increase. You would have to expand the rosters and that would water down the product. It is a game of attrition now and the healthiest teams have the best shot of winning it all. Do you want to see the luckiest teams or the best teams battle it out in the Superbowl?

I say enough already with these throwback uniforms, if they were so good, why did the teams get rid of them in the first place? When I watch a game, I want to be able to identify the teams immediately, I don’t want to have to work at it.

Tony Dungy, Michael Vick’s NFL-appointed mentor and babysitter announced in the booth last night that Vick will sign with a team as early as this week.

Tiger winning again is no big news as this is what he does. I don’t know what it is, but whoever is paired with him in the final group can never close the deal. Yesterday, it was Padraig Harrington’s turn in the barrel. He had a 3 shot lead to start the day and you felt if anyone could do it, this guy could. I mean he’s a 3 time major champ and is no wide-eyed rookie who would be intimidated. Tiger was on fire early and took the lead mid way through the round, but Harrington fought back and was ahead by one stroke heading in the fateful 16th hole. Tiger stuck an 182 yd. 8 iron (yes that’s right, a 182 yd 8 iron) to within 2 feet on his 3rd shot into the par 5 to guarantee a birdie. Harrington meanwhile, butchered his way to a triple bogey 8 on the hole. A 4 shot swing and good night Irene. Harrington’s game morphed into mine on that hole…

Red Sox-Yankees
As I suspected might happen, the Red Sox got swept by the Yankees over the weekend. These teams are like two ships passing in the night going in opposite directions. The Red Sox are a mess right now, I’m not saying they can’t right the ship and make the playoffs, but they had better turn it around starting with this upcoming homestand. They just aren’t hitting and they wasted good pitching efforts from Beckett and Lester. Francona needs to wake up and cut the cord with Jason “no-approach-at-the plate” Varitek and turn it over to newly acquired Victor Martinez. Varitek is a guaranteed out and with their offense struggling, they can’t afford to play anyone who can’t hit…

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