Sports the Way I See It…From My Couch(Volume 1)

Here is the first installment of a weekly blog post I will be doing every week called “Sports the Way I See It”. Basically it’s just my way of covering a wide array of sports topics and being able to give my 2 cents on any topic I want. It’s just my 2 cents and uncensored opinions, so don’t take it personal and simply take it for what it’s worth(not much, lol!)…

Michael Vick signs with Eagles
I don’t know what the Eagles are thinking. Why would they want to create yet another wedge between Donovan McNabb and the Eagles fans and front office? I know Kevin Kolb is out for the season, but they still have A.J. Feeley as a realiable backup QB and creating a QB controversy on a team with legitemate Super Bowl aspirations is just not very smart. Probably a good move for Vick, but bad for the Eagles as a team and organization.

Tom Brady looking good in NFL Preseason
I was able to watch the 1st half of the Patriots-Eagles NFL Preseason game thursday night and I came away impressed with the Patriots and the play of Tom Brady. He looked like the Brady of old and that has to scare every fan in the NFL that doesn’t root for the Flying Elvis…

Donte Stallworth Suspensed for the NFL Season
Ridiculous. I’m sorry, but I just feel suspending a guy for 1 year without pay after the legal system already punished him is a little too much. I know, I know, maybe the legal system was too lenient on him and that is a debate for another day. What is not for debate is the fact that the NFL commish wielded his iron fist wildly yet again and I, for one, am tired of it. Listen, the NFL commish’s job is not to play judge and jury. I know he says the court’s ruling didn’t play any part in his decision to suspend Stallworth for 1 year, but I’m calling BS on that. This was the “play it safe” ruling that the commish has cornered the market on. Suspend the guy for 8 games. Suspending the guy for 8 games, 1 year, or 5 years wasn’t going to bring the guy he killed back. Stallworth looks genuinely sorry for what he did and deserves forgiveness. Get over yourself Goodell. Stop trying to be a bad ass…

Tiger Woods Looking to do a Wire to Wire Job at the PGA Championships
Tiger means business folks. A 5-under 67 in the 1st round on thursday without a single bogey. Impressive to say the least. The guy is on a mission this week after getting embarassed at the Bristish Open 3 weeks ago when he failed to make the cut. Here’s guessing that it will be a boring sunday afternoon for PGA fans looking for suspense, as I have no doubt that it will be a Tiger runaway win to his 15th career major championship. The guy is the best in sports. Period.

The Rick Pitino Soap Opera Down in Louisville
As I wrote the other day, there is simply no bigger FRAUD in sports than Rick Pitino. The guy has been a self promoting, 1st class JERK his entire career. He’s surrounded himself with nothing but phony ass kissers that will leave no stone unturned to get in this guy’s good graces. Even Slick Rick’s own boss, Louisville president James Ramsey, continues to drink the Pitino “kool-aid”. Ramsey was quoted saying Pitino was still “our guy” on thursday after leaving a luncheon for the Cardinals football team. Louisville should give this guy the boot and send his ass packing. Why the loyalty to this clown, James? Were you living under a rock this past summer when this guy was trying to pull another one of his patented early exits when he contacted the Sacramento Kings to try and land that job before this whole mess hit the press? It tells you everything you need to know about this guy’s ethics. What a jerk of the first order…

That’s about it for my rants this week. Until next week, that’s my 2 cents on “Sports the Way I See It”… from my couch.

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