NFL Predictions

The preseason is underway and I’ve been busy crunching numbers and putting everything into the meat grinder to figure out who’s going to be left standing come playoff time. Every year there are some new additions to the tournament and some disappointments from last year’s playoff teams. So, let me go on record so I can gloat about it at the end of the year or be roundly ridiculed, whatever the case may be…

AFC Seeds
1. San Diego 13-3
2. New England 12-4
3. Pittsburgh 12-4
4. Indianapolis 11-5
5. Baltimore 10-6
6. Tennessee 10-6

Wildcard Round Winners
Pittsburgh over Tennessee
Indianapolis over Baltimore

Divisional Round Winners
New England over Pittsburgh
San Diego over Indianapolis

Conference Champs
San Diego over New England

NFC Seeds
1. New York 12-4
2. Seattle 11-5
3. New Orleans 10-6
4. Green Bay 9-7
5. Philadelphia 10-6
6. Atlanta 10-6

Wildcard Round Winners
New Orleans over Atlanta
Philadelphia over Green Bay

Divisional Round Winners
New York over Philadelphia
Seattle over New Orleans

Conference Champs
New York over Seattle

Super Bowl Champs
San Diego over New York

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