Do These Three Things to Become a Successful Bookie

Do These Three Things to Become a Successful Bookie

Do you want to become one of the thousands of successful bookies?

It’s not as difficult as you think. While this guide will list the three main things you need to do to be a successful bookmaker, there are plenty of other little things that are also important.

You’ll constantly learn through experience, but certain things are required to be a bookie.

What Things Do I Need to Do to Be a Successful Sportsbook Owner?

These three things are the most important things you need to do to be a successful bookie.

1. Be Great with People (People Pleaser)

Bookie owners deal with people every single day. If you’re not great with people, this business will be tough. There’s no hiding the fact that most of your time will be spent communicating with people.

Whether you market locally or online, you’ll need to communicate with strangers to find new clients.

Even if most of your clients are online, you should still be available to talk on the phone. A lot of the old school bettors want to be able to discuss any problems through phone calls, not email/text.

As a small bookie it’s important to stay in touch with your clients. You want them to remain loyal to your business and therefore you should do what you can to build personal relationships with them.

A reason many bettors prefer small bookies is because of the personal touch. The big bookmakers make you feel like a number. Use this to your advantage when marketing to clients.

 2. Have Your Finances In Order (Accounting)

One thing that can ruin your bookie business before it gets off the ground is not having money to payout winning players on time. A slow paying reputation can spread extremely quickly online.

Prior to starting a sportsbook, you need to have your finances in order. Your bankroll needs to be large enough to withstand losing weeks early on as you build up your weekly turnover.

As you grow your sportsbook and have more active clients, you’ll typically have less losing weeks, as even if a few players hit big, the losses from other players offset any winnings from other clients.

You don’t need a huge amount of money to start a sportsbook. You should also have tight betting limits initially while you’re learning the ropes and building betting profiles on your clients.

3. Utilize Technology (Pay Per Head Software)

You need a website and most clients will want to be able to bet on their mobile phone. In order to offer your clients this technology you’ll need to join a pay per head sportsbook service.

A PPH shop will help take your bookie business online where it needs to be. Once you decide to take your business online, research the PPH services available and join the best one.

Being a bookie isn’t rocket science. You need to be a people pleaser, be adequately financed and utilize the latest technology to be able to compete with the thousands of other bookies.


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