What Does a Pay Per Head Company Do?

What Does a Pay Per Head Company Do?


The sports betting industry in the Unites States alone is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise that continues to grow and expand each and every year. The average person unfamiliar with how this industry operates would defer to Las Vegas and its land-based sportsbooks along online sportsbooks such as Bovada as the biggest players in the game.

In actuality, private bookies comprise close to 60 percent of the sports betting market by running and managing an independent sportsbook made up of a select group of sports betting customers. The key component in operating your own sportsbook is Pay Per Head bookie software solutions.

The Basic Concept of Pay Per Head


The whole concept of a pay per head business model for private bookies is a grouped package of sports betting software solutions. This software has specifically been designed to facilitate the day-to-day operational end when it comes to running an independent sports betting service. In turn, a private bookie pays a low, weekly price per head fee for any active sports betting customers. There are no upfront costs and the service is provided on a renewable basis according to the set terms of the two-party agreement.

The reality of running a private bookie business in today’s age of advanced online technology dictates the need to automate all of your business practices through the use of specific sports betting software. If you would try and duplicate these software solutions on your own, the start-up costs would be staggering. With the use of a pay per head software solutions provider, your operational costs are fixed based on the size of your active customer base.

Pay Per Head Business Services


Some of the basic components of price per head bookie software start with an online agent dashboard as the central control panel for your bookie business. Most PPH services will provide you with a custom website that is designed and maintained to meet your specific business needs. Along with this centralized dashboard, you will also have your own customized betting board which is very similar to what you would find on any commercial online sportsbook’s website.

As part of your software package, you will have the ability to create individual online account profiles for each of your sports betting customers. This is where you can put any betting or credit limits in place as well as monitor all of their daily, weekly and monthly betting activity. Breaking things down all the way to the account level is the best way to control the operational end of the business. Staying way out in front of all the action coming in is the only way to maintain that high level of control that is vital to managing a successful sportsbook.

Often referred to as back-end access, your price per head software package offers a wide array of business reports that can provide real-time analytics that are also vital to the day-to-day operations. It is far easier to capitalize on business opportunities with fast and easy access to real-time data as opposed to dealing with unexpected issues after the fact.

Pay Per Head Business Benefits


The pay per head bookie software you use to run your own sportsbook is an important business tool on the administrative side of the operation. However, today’s top price per head shops fill the entire tool box with everything you need as part of a turn-key business model.

A few of the most important benefits that are included in your weekly price per fee are:


  • Fast and easy access to a vast selection of betting lines and betting odds.
  • The ability to set and move your own betting lines along with making changes to your betting board to best suit your business needs.
  • Customer service support for you as the agent as well as for your entire sports betting customer base on a round-the-clock basis.
  • A fully customizable online betting platform for desktop, laptop and mobile applications.

Additional Pay Per Head Revenue Streams


As previously mentioned, sports betting is big business offering an almost endless stream of potential customers. You can build your bookie business as big as you want, or choose to work with a limited group of sports bettors as an exclusive high-end service.

One of the biggest ways that a quality pay per head site can help you level the playing field against the big online sportsbooks in a highly competitive business environment is by becoming a full-service online gambling site.

With added software applications for running an expanded racebook for horse racing along with an online casino equipped with slots, other video gambling games and live-dealer table games, you can be that one-stop shop for all of your customer’s gaming needs. Horse racing and online casino gambling can act as year-round revenue streams that help fill in the gaps in the sports betting calendar.

If you are serious about running and managing a successful independent sportsbook that can generate a steady stream of income both in the short term and in the long run, the right price per shop is the ultimate silent business partner that make this goal into a reality.

Summarizing what a pay per head company can bring to the table:


  • A complete online sports betting software solutions package for private bookies
  • A customizable online presence through a business website designed and maintained for your specific needs
  • A wide array of business reports offering real-time analytics
  • Round-the-clock customer support with an expert sports betting service team
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