Want Industry-Leading Sportsbook Software For $3 Per Head?

Want Industry-Leading Sportsbook Software For $3 Per Head?

Having the right sportsbook software will help online bookies stay profitable and consistently grow their sportsbook business.

Having a second-class sportsbook software can cause errors and frustrations that can cause potential profit loss for online bookies!

PayPerHead.com is first-class and industry-leading sportsbook management platform that agents need to grow their sportsbook empire.

To help bookies achieve steady profits this summer, they’re offering their Prime Package for just $3 per head!

That means online bookies will make more cash on every player.

Why The Prime Package?

PayPerHead’s Prime Package offers industry-leading tools and allow online bookies to achieve their business goals, and create steady profit. The offer:

  • Highly Customizable Dashboard: See & Manage everything you need in one place
  • Real-time Live Wagering on 1000+ Events: Keep players exploring betting options, all year.
  • BetAlerts: Instant Player Betting Notifications to monitor a mitigate risk on the go.
  • In-Depth Reporting Options: Understand your players’ habits, send the right marketing messages with proper intel.
  • Mobile Betting + Mobile Friendly Website: Players can bet anytime, anywhere.
  • Multiple Casino & Horse Profiles: Maximize profits with customizable pre-set profiles.
  • VIP Support 24/7 Everyday in 3 Languages: English, Spanish, or Mandarin .
  • Mass Edit Lines and Limits: Strategically promote specific games or leagues.
  • Zero Cryptocurrency Transaction Fees: Plus, 5% credited cash back if you make your first deposit with Cryptocurrency

       And Even More…

PayPerHead lets bookies stay competitive with the big guys. They allow online bookies to offer the most betting options to open up the opportunity of a lucrative full-time online business.

SIgn-Up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package Now

Online bookies need the best team on their side when they’re looking to expand your sportsbook business and master the industry.

They need a pay per head software that works as hard as they do.

Sign up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package and gain access to industry-leading tools, and become a master online bookies.

They’ve been in the industry for over 20 year, their expert team knows how to keep sportsbook businesses thriving.

Get it today, and get it for just $3 per head! They want their agents to keep their money where it belongs—in their wallet!

So, find out more, sign up today and speak to your dedicated account rep.

Become a Master Online Bookie Agent.

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