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Technology has come a long way in the bookmaking industry. It wasn’t that long ago where bookies were required to only accept bets manually through the telephone.


Not only is it a hassle accepting every single bet manually, but back then bookies would also need to provide the lines for every game that the bettor is interested in betting on.


Thankfully, running a bookie the old-school way hasn’t been prevalent for many years. Nowadays, if you want to start a sportsbook, you’re going to partner with a pay-per-head (PPH) service.


If you don’t know, PPH solutions provide bookies with a complete package, including the software to run your website, real-time odds on 100+ sports leagues, support and much more.


The best solutions will provide 100% mobile accessibility, so your players can wager from anywhere at anytime using a mobile device. Some shops even offer 24/7 call centers to accept wagers.


You’ll also want to make sure your PPH service offers an online casino and racebook. Some services will offer better casino games than others and you should strive to offer your players the best.



Use These PPH Bookie Tools to Improve Your Business


There are a wealth of tools provided by PPH services as well.


If your goal is becoming a full-service bookmaker, you’ll want to find a PPH solution that offers the best tools. RealBookies offers multiple great tools and you can try them all out with a free trial.


Here are some of the tools you should be using to run your PPH sportsbook:


  • Player Profiles: You can create custom profiles for every player. You can set/adjust betting and credit limits. The profiles will also have detailed information on how each player bets, which is useful to determine if you need to limit/restrict a player from certain markets.


  • Odds Management: PPH providers manage the lines for you, but you’re still able to change any lines you want using the software. If you’re getting a lot of one-sided action, you can adjust the line manually rather than wait for the market to move. 


  • Call Center: Make sure your players know that your sportsbook has a 24/7 call center that they can call to place bets. Some players still prefer to just call in bets and you’ll want to make it clear to your players that this feature is available. 


  • Reports: PPH services offer bookie owners a lot of reporting features through the software in real-time. You can bring up reports instantly detailing exposure, what’s owed to you and by who, what you owe, performance on a specific sport/bet/player and much more.


PPH services don’t spend countless developer hours building and maintaining tools for you not to use them. Make use of the tools to help you improve and grow your sportsbook business.


You should always contact PPH services prior to signing up to find out what tools they offer and what tools they don’t offer. Not all of the tools mentioned above are available at every shop.


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