Get A 3-Week Trial Of A Premium Software For Just $3 Per Head!

Get A 3-Week Trial Of A Premium Software For Just $3 Per Head!

Did you know that every year the Super Bowl betting rakes in BILLIONS of dollars? During Super Bowl 52, the American Gambling Association estimated that around $4.76 billion worth of bets were placed.

97% of those bets were placed with bookmakers and offshore sportsbooks. Are you sure you’re working with the right sportsbook management software?

Super 53 futures are starting to heat up, don’t risk not making bank with a second-class sportsbook software.

PayPerHead’s Prime Package has the PPH tools meant for Super Bowl and making more cash.

Try Their Prime Package Now For 3 Week’s At Just $3 Per Head


Why is a premium sportsbook management software who are the pioneers of the industry. With in-house linesmakers, a team of experts offering 24/7 VIP support, plus your own Account Success Manager, you know you’re in good hands.

On top of premium support and VIP service, they also offer their agents:

  • A Highly Customizable Dashboard: See & Manage everything you need in one place, including in-depth reporting options to help you understand your players’ habits.
  • TruLive Wagering on 1000+ Events: It’s not hosted on a 3rd party platform, which means no lag for your clients and no missed bet that could cost you your profits.
  • BetAlerts: Instant Player Betting Notifications to monitor a mitigate risk on the go.
  • In-Depth Reporting Options: Understand your players’ habits to send the right marketing messages with proper intel.
  • Multiple Casino & Horse Profiles: Maximize profits with customizable pre-set profiles.
  • Mass Edit Lines and Limits: Strategically promote specific games or leagues.
  • Zero Cryptocurrency Transaction Fees: Plus, 5% credited cash back if you make your first deposit with Cryptocurrency.
  • The Line Mover: Move lines up by ½ a point when necessary to ensure bookies never give a refund.

Plus, PayPerHead allows you and your players to be completely mobile. They can bet anytime, anywhere, and you can manage those bets straight from your phone or tablet.

Get The Software 1000’s Already Trust

Agents can try PayPerHead’s Prime Package now for 3 weeks at just $3 per head. See why thousands of bookmakers trust their white-labelled pay per head software.

Speak to a rep today and get started, they can help you migrate all your players from your second-rate account to your new Prime Package account.

It’s easy—learn more about and how they can help you scale your business and increase your sportsbook profits for Super Bowl 53.

Get All The Details And Check Out A Demo Now!

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