Every Bookie Needs to Know This

Sports betting is a worldwide phenomena that generates billions of dollars in the US alone. Bookies around the world are scrambling to meet the demands of players, but even more so in the United States. The are more than a few keys to success when operating a sportsbook but the first and foremost weapon that you can have on your side, is a great support system. You cannot go through this alone. You must have help and you need the kind of support that is experienced in all things gaming related. There is a lot to know as a bookie and you will certainly wear many hats if you decide to take this job on but none of the duties you will undertake will mean anything without one key element, and every bookie needs to know this; you must have an online presence. You may think this is a difficult task but on the contrary. Now you can have an online presence for as little as $10 per head and no upfront cost. The pay per head providers have revolutionized sports gambling and have made the bookies job easy.


Pay Per Head’s What’s the Advantage?


  • The best feature that a pay per head provides is the cluster, they cluster the online sportsbook, racebook and casino, all-in-one. When you sign on with a PPH you get all three in one and you need all three.  

The Casino, what it does for your business and why you need one—

1. The casino is an all-important feature that you must have if you unequivocally want to generate an enormous amount of money. Do not pass up on this feature. The sports book is a marginal business, there will be fat times, and there will be lean times, you must have a solid backup plan and there is nothing more solid than the casino.

2.  The best example of how casinos make money is by taking a look at any large Las Vegas Casino and sportsbook. They are all profitable properties with one exception – the sportsbook. More often than not, the sportsbooks, even in the largest casinos on the strip, they are marginal at best. Sometimes they are the bear and sometimes they get eaten by the bear. The casino on the other hand, they are always profitable. The casino loses a big one every now and then and that’s a blip on the radar. Casinos are cash cows, you must have one attached to your online sportsbook.  


The Racebook, what it does for your business and why you need one—

1. The racebook is another all-important feature of your online gaming business. You cannot and must not pass up on the opportunity to operate an online horse racing venture. The best PPH providers on the web are offering over 75 world-class tracks that pay track odds in real-time. Horse players are steady, they are loyal, and they don’t like change. Once you win them over, they will be with you forever. They may not lay big money bets, but what they do is bet all day long and the money comes flooding in on a daily basis.


  • Pay per heads offer a reporting system that is second to none and if you are at all interested in player and fiscal accountability, then you will love the daily, on-demand player and accounting reports.  
  • Pay per heads offers you the down time needed. Not only do you need down time for your personal well-being, you need it so that you can recruit players and advertise. You must have a strong presence on social media and you must advertise. By signing on with a PPH, this allows you many more freedoms.  

Every bookie wants freedom, they get into this job because it’s fun, they are self-employed, and there is an opportunity to earn a fantastic, six-figure income. Do not sell yourself short, find a top notch, white label pay per head that has a fantastic reputation for up-time. You can’t afford down-time, especially before a big event. Find a PPH that’s willing to give you an extended free trial and try before you buy.


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