Custom Build Your Online Sportsbook

Custom Build Your Online Sportsbook

Owning an online sportsbook has never been easier and if you are a bookie on any level, then you simply must throw away the old and latch on to the new. The beauty of building a great online sportsbook does not lie in numbers – it lies in desire. Maybe you are a bookie now, or maybe you have taken a couple of bets from a couple of friends or co-workers and you are realizing this bookie business is something you would like to explore on a higher level. No matter what the scenario may be, you can do this. Building an online sportsbook is simple, quick, and inexpensive.

Getting Started:

  1. Do an evaluation of where your priorities lie. What kind of bookie do you want to be? You can be small, large, sophisticated, unsophisticated, you can have all the bells and whistles, or you can stay with the basics.
  2. How many players do you have now, are you planning to grow the business?

Know This— You do not have to be large in order to generate a great deal of revenue, you do however, need plenty of “cross action” in order to generate a profit.

Revenue— It’s easy to generate. If you have just one, two, three, or a handful of players, you will generate revenue easily. Revenue is anything you take in on bets. Gamblers come to you because they know you, or you have marketed yourself in such a way that has driven them to you. If you have this, it’s a good problem to have.

Profits— Every online bookie is seeking a profit. If you are not making a profit, you will struggle and will have to close your bookmaking operation. In order to make a profit, you must have the “cross action” that we spoke of above.

  • What is “cross action”?
  1. Cross action-is when you have enough players playing with you or your online sportsbook, to generate enough bets one way, and enough bets the other way, on the same sporting event.
  2. Juice-Juice is the profit you make on a bettors money. Juice earns you profit. Juice is of course, not the only way in which to generate a profit from your players, however, it is a great way. The more player that you have, the more they will bet, and the more bets your players place—the more cross action that you will get. No matter how fancy of an online sportsbook you operate, you must have plenty of cross action, or you are dead in the water.


How to custom build your online sportsbook

  • Know your players— Know what they enjoy betting on; offer it. The online sportsbook world is much too competitive for complacency. You must give your players a reason to play in your book – if not, they will go elsewhere, and in a hurry.

*Find a Great Pay Per Head provider*

Why should you get a Pay Per Head Software—

  1. They do all of the work for you, other than finding the players.  You bring your players to the PPH and start making money because the PPH has done everything.
  2. A great PPH lays the groundwork for your success.
  3. A PPH is a turnkey online sportsbook/betting website that allows you to take the controls and do whatever you choose.
  4. You set player limits, you make all of the credit decisions, you incorporate a deposit method.
  5. You decide what kind of betting action that you want to offer. You can offer every betting method that the “big boys” use, such as parlays, teasers, live betting, dynamic live betting, team totals, futures, reverse bets, reverse “if bets”, quarters, periods, first halves, second halves, super teasers, grand salami’s, exotic bets, run lines, money lines, money line parlays, first/second half parlays, total parlays, pleasers, super pleasers, prop bets, and much, much more.
  6. You decide, and set the daily lines/odds if you wish, or you may elect for the PPH to do this for you. Either way, you always have the ability to change a line or the odds on any event at any time.
  7. You decide what sports that you will take betting action on. You can take them all, or you can choose a few, it’s entirely up to you.

A Pay Per Head is the best way to go when custom building your online sportsbook. The provider builds the website for you, they maintain the players vital statistics for you, they are your accountant, they account for every dollar that you take in and every dollar you spend. The PPH generates weekly, daily, and up to the minute financial reports. They grade every sporting event and post the grade when the event has finished. They provide a toll-free hotline for your clients to call from the US, as well as yourself. They guarantee “up time” to 98%. You must be up and running for every sporting event or your players will go elsewhere. Find a fantastic Pay Per Head provider today and get that custom built, online sportsbook that you have been dreaming of.

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