2018 Pay Per Head NHL Stanley Cup Finals Preview and Sportsbook Tips

2018 Pay Per Head NHL Stanley Cup Finals Preview and Sportsbook Tips

The Stanley Cup Finals is almost here. Per head agents must prepare for what’s sure to be one of the most unique Stanley Cup Finals in history.

Why is this year’s Stanley Cup Finals so unique?

An expansion team has skated their way to the Finals. Not only has that expansion team skated their way to the Stanley Cup Finals, that expansion team is the favorite to win Lord Stanley’s Cup.

This Series is going to see a lot of action. Pay per head agents need to make sure they have access to all the right tools.

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Check out NHL Stanley Cup Final Odds before Game 7 between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals. Then, keep reading for a deeper dive.

2018 Stanley Cup Finals Odds

Vegas Golden Knights -101

Tampa Bay Lightning +228

Washington Capitals +330

Tampa Bay Highlights

Odds on Tampa and Washington to win the Stanley Cup will float down after Game 7. It doesn’t matter who wins Game 7.

Their odds should be closer to Vegas’ -101 odds. Tampa could be a co-favorite with Vegas to win the Stanley Cup.

The Lightning started the season as one of the overall favorites to win the NHL Championship.

At +600, Tampa didn’t disappoint. In the first couple of months, no NHL team was as good as the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Lightning played so well that they drifted down to +300 to +350 favoritism before the NHL All Star Game.7

Washington Capitals Highlights

For most of the season, Washington had been a Tier 2 choice to win the Stanley Cup. The Capitals were around +1000 to take home the Cup this season.

Heading into the NHL Playoffs, Washington’s odds drifted down to around +850 to +950 depending on the sportsbook.

Vegas Golden Knights Highlights

Vegas started the season as a massive underdog to even make the playoffs.

Why would anyone think an expansion team like the Vegas Golden Knights could take down the Chicago Blackhawks, L.A. Kings, Anaheim Ducks, Nashville Predators, Winnipeg Jets, and San Jose Sharks?

The Golden Knights quickly became a favorite once the season started, though. The reason is that they began trouncing opponents both at home and on the road.

Vegas went 12 and 3 in the playoffs. They swept the Kings, beat the Sharks 4 to 2, and beat the Jets 4 to 1.

NHL Stanley Cup Finals—Sportsbook Tips

Online bookie agents must manage NHL Stanley Cup betting. The best way to do that is to set max betting limits on moneyline wagers as well as wagers on which team takes the NHL Cup Finals Series.

Agents mustn’t get fancy when it comes to the Stanley Cup Finals. The NHL is a much deeper league than the NFL, MLB, or NBA. Vegas isn’t a lock.

Don’t encourage wagers on either side once the Finals are set. Instead, set max betting limits.

Be sure to ensure you have the right sportsbook software in order to make the most out of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals.

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Updated Odds:

This article was originally written before the Washington Capitals won Game 7 against the Tampa Bay Lightning, below are the updated odd:

Vegas Golden Knights -135

Washington Capitals +115

The sportsbook tips are the same, set max betting limits on both the Knights and Capitals to win the Cup, plus on moneyline wagers.




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