Week 3 NFL Power Rankings for 2009 from NSAwins.com – NY Giants the New #1 Team

NSAwins.com has posted it’s new Week 3 NFL Power Rankings for the 2009 Season. The NY Giants are our new #1 team after Pittsburgh lost last sunday versus Chicago. Our NFL Power Rankings are compiled by taking votes from NSAwins.com’s expert handicappers(The LEGEND, Gerry “BIG CAT” Andino, Lou Panelli, Steve “SCOOP” Kendall, William E. Stockton) and NSAwins.com’s “FINAL SCORE REPORT” blog’s co-founders(David E and Stephen G). Please keep in mind that these POWER RANKINGS are derived from a consensus poll among the seven voters described above, but these POWER RANKINGS do not indicate who we would advise our sports betting clients to bet on if teams matched up with one another. Anyway, here are the 2009 NFL Week 3 POWER RANKINGS from NSAwins.com. Enjoy.

NSAwins.com’s Week 3 2009 NFL Power Rankings

#1 (3) NY Giants 2-0 The Gmen won a game sunday night that was basically handed to them by Tony Romo. Dallas ran at will on the Gmen but give Eli credit for delivering in the clutch. The Gmen won’t be in this spot for long, however, if that defense doesn’t tighten the run defense up.
#2 (8) – Baltimore Ravens 2-0 It’s funny that now that the Ravens finally have an offense to take seriously their defense is not the dominating group it’s been the entire decade. Having said that, 2-0 is 2-0. Good win at San Diego last sunday.
#3(1) Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1 The Steelers are going to get every team’s BEST game. That’s what happens wehn you are the defending champs. Steeler nation should not worry though. The Steelers will be in the hunt come January.
#4 (6) Indianapolis Colts 2-0 Indy hasn’t looked great, but they still know how to win close games. That’s what having #18 will do for you. The Colts are a work in progress but the season is off to a good start.
#5 (7) – Atlanta Falcons 2-0 Matt Ryan is a flat out STUD. The kid will be the best QB in the game in a few years. He’s that good. The Falcons better bring their “A” game this week against a Pats team looking to bounce back from an embarassing loss.
#6 (2) New England Patriots 1-1 Can we all settle down on the demise of New England? It’s week 3 people. The Pats will get things corrected and be a threat come January. Two words: Belichick. Brady. Nuff’ said.
#7 (11) – New Orleans Saints 2-0 The Saints have the best offense in the league right now. However, let’s relax before we consider this team ELITE. The defense still has a lot of improving to do.
#8(12) – Minnesota Vikings 2-0 The Vikings have looked really good so far but it’s been against the Browns and Lions. Not exactly world beaters. Let’s wait until the Vikes do it against a GOOD team before we get too excited.
#9(4) San Diego Chargers 1-1 The Chargers are getting killed with injuries and it’s only week 3 of the season. Not good for their long term hopes. The Chargers battled Baltimore tough on sunday but the lack of their all-pro NT Phillips on the d-line really hurt their run defense.
#10 (5) Philadelphia Eagles 1-1 Can we take it easy with the super bowl talk now after the way the Eagles defense was abused by the Saints at home sunday? Good lord, how do you give up 48 on your home turf? We don’t care WHO was playing QB for the Saints. 48 points is unacceptable.
#11 (14) – NY Jets 2-0 Did ANYONE notice the Pats were without their 3rd best offensive player(WR Wes Welker) and 2nd best defensive player(MLB Jarod Mayo) in their 16-9 loss to the Jets? Settle down Jets fans. Things will be different when you travel up to Foxboro for the rematch.
#12 (9) – Dallas Cowboys 1-1 The Cowboys are NEVER going to win anything with Wade Phillips on the sidelines. Period. The guy is a bafoon. And Tony Romo needs to start making better decisions. Throwing the ball up for grabs is what rookies do. Not vets.
#13 (16) – San Francisco 49ers 2-0 The 49ers are 2-0 and that is 2-0 in the division too. Give Mike Singletary his due. He’s getting it done so far in the Bay.
#14 (17) – Arizona Cardinals 1-1 Kurt Warner was awesome sunday versus the Jaguars and the Cards got a much needed confidence booster. Let’s see if they can keep it going versus Peyton and Co. sunday night.
#15 (19) – Chicago Bears 1-1 Jay Cutler played a helluva game sunday versus Pittsburgh and outplayed Big Ben. If Cutler can play like that and not turn the ball over than the guy just might get the Bears to the playoffs. Good win by Da Bears.
#16 (20) – Buffalo Bills 1-1 The Bills beat an awful Bucs team to get to 1-1 but a win is a win. Keep an eye on Buffalo. We told you before the season they are a sleeper to earn an AFC wildcard spot.
#17 (10) – Tennessee Titans 0-2 This team is too talented to be 0-2. They should be hungry to save their season this sunday versus the media darlings(aka Jets).
#18 (24) – Denver Broncos 2-0 Are the Browns that bad or are the Broncos better than we think? We’ll find out as the season progresses but for now 2-0 is a great start for the Josh McDaniels regime. The Donkeys are riding high early.
#19 (25) – Cincinnati Bengals 1-1 Give the Bungles their due. They bounced back and played extremely well in an impressive road win at Green Bay. The Bengals could have rolled over and quit after losing the way they did in week 1 but they showed they have character.
#20 (13) – Seattle Seahawks 1-1 We were dissapointed in the way the Seahawks played at San Fran sunday. We expected more from the Seahawks offense.
#21 (15) – Green Bay Packers 1-1 This team is mediocre. They are lucky to be 1-1 and not 0-2. Aaron Rodgers is a very good QB but the rest of the team is average except for a few positions. This team has 7-9, 8-8 written all over it.
#22 (21) – Oakland Raiders 1-1 The Raiders defense will give them a chance to win a lot of games this season. The offense, however, will be the reason they lose most of those games. Jamarcus Russell is AWFUL.
#23 (28) – Houston Texans 1-1 Nice road win at Tennessee. However, we’re still not high on this team. The defense is nothing short of BRUTAL. 240 yards given up on the ground to the Titans. Not good.
#24 (18) – Miami Dolphins 0-2 The Dolphins should have won Monday night. The game was theirs all night long. And somebody please tell Miami OC Dan Henning to WAKE UP and stop running the ball when you need to be hurrying up with a no huddle offense to try and win the game with no timeouts. Good grief.
#25 (22) – Washington Redskins 0-2 Does ANYONE in the Redskins organization realize they are NEVER going ANYWHERE with Jason Campbell at QB? Bench the guy already.
#26 (23) – Kansas City Chiefs 0-2 The Chiefs are 0-2 but at least they are playing hard and giving themselves chances to win.
#27 (20) – Carolina Panthers 0-2 Can you say OVERRATED? That’s exactly what the Panthers were heading into this season. That’s why we had them #20 in our preseason rankings.
#28 (29) – Jacksonville Jaguars 0-2 When will the Jack Del Rio era officially come to a close? It’s time for the Jags to cut the cord with this guy.
#29 (27) – St Louis Rams 0-2 The Rams offense sets NFL offenses back 25 years. They are absolutely terrible on offense. And we mean TERRIBLE!
#30 (30) Cleveland Browns 0-2 Is Eric Mangini a bad head coach or what? What the hell was Cleveland thinking hiring this guy? What a bum of the first order.
#31 (31) Tampa Bay Bucs 0-2 The Bucs are so bad it hurts to watch these guys play.
#32 (32) Detroit Lions 0-2 Will they EVER win a game?

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