Football Roundup – The Jets are for Real, Cowboys are going Nowhere, Packers Average at Best, and More…

FOOTBALL ROUNDUP – The Jets are for Real, Cowboys are going Nowhere, Packers Average at Best, and More…

Ny Jets – So you mean the Jets won’t be 0-5 after their 5 games like everyone predicted?? Wow, what a shocker. Who could have thought a team with the most physical defense in the league, Thomas Jones and Leon running the ball(wait until that starts clicking), an indredible secondary, and a born again attitude with a great looking QB, WOULD BE 2-0??? I know it’s just 2 games. Just remember the most important game is your next game. Nothing else matters. Also, you can talk all you want if you back it up. As an athlete, I never did that and told my teammates that did that they better back it up or they answer to me. In the end, the 1st time someone bashes you in the mouth on the field, nobody cares what was said prior to the game. If you do, you will lose.

49ers – Another team I love this year. They play on guts and will. They run the ball but also mix the pass in. Their D is solid and physical. Singletary has this team believing it will win. Watch out if Gore starts running crazy. Once again, only 2 games in. Let everyone look into the future. Good teams look to their next game.

Cowboys – Stick a fork in the boys. How can you rush for almost 300 yds against the Giants and lose? Here are some answers: Wade phillips. Wade is a good guy, but couldn’t coach a pee wee team. How many chances does this guy get? Tony Romo. He’s toast. He is no longer the post season gag artist, he’s parlayed that into the regular season. He has no clue who to throw the ball to and is inaccurate. I think he needs to start preparing for his role as a backup QB. Can you say, overhyped??? The Dallas secondary is one of the worst ever. Can’t cover, can’t tackle. Finally, please tell me what Roy Williams has ever done as a wide receiver? He is non-existent. Does he get paid????

Jay Cutler – I grinded him last week and still don’t like him, but you have to give him credit for his game against the Steelers. He didn’t do it by himself, but that is a good thing. The whole team played well. But he did show leadership and had a very calm demeanor. That relaxed his team and they didn’t panic. Gotta give him the credit he is due for that game.

Green Bay – Average at best. Don’t know why everyone was high on them this year. Looks like Brett knew what he was doing. Get back into a division where the girl scouts could contend.

Random Thoughts:

Did Arizona pull it together or is Jacksonville horrible?

I think Zorn should keep Campbell as the Redskins QB instead of Collins. When you throw up 9 against the Rams at home and win, why change?

Instead of Philly worrying about offense, they need to worry about the other side of the ball. New Orleans has a good offense. Wait until they meet a good defense.

Maybe Denver is good. Maybe Cincy is good. That’s too much to think about right now.


The pigskin guy had it right. BYU is still BYU. i was fooled at Oklahoma but they are never going to be taken seriously until they man up. I was dead wrong on that.

USC is just not as talented as past years. That was obvious before the Washington game. QB is young and shaky. Whole team is a step slower than normal.

It would be nice to see Texas play good teams once in awhile. TT is ok this year, but aren’t physical. I’ve never seen Texas have to balance their attack. Play somebody.

Notre Dame did what they had to do, but they should have blown Mich St out. 14-0, 1st quarter, crowd going crazy, and they let them right back in the game. A “W” is great, but good teams pounce on their prey.

Lots more to come. The season is starting to get interesting. I’m calling the readers out. If you don’t respond to me or other articles on this page, I just assume you agree with me on EVERYTHING and think i’m the smartest man on earth. Is this the case?????? Reply to the articles, positive or negative, or I just might win the nobel peace prize. Is that what you want???? Let’s make this page the best sports page on the internet. You have to do it. LET’S HEAR IT. (I must warn you, before you oppose me, that I have a full semester of liberal arts credit from a state school in 1984. So make sure you bring your “c minus” game, comprheday?????)

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