Crabtree Threatens To Sit Out The Season….

Michael Crabtree is threatening to sit out the season and reenter the draft next year if San Francisco doesn’t meet his demands. When I first heard this, I thought to myself his agent is playing hardball to make a name for himself and to send a message to future clients. But his agent, Eugene Parker, is denying that he issued the threat. Huh? It turns out Crabtree’s cousin/advisor issued it to the media. What? That’s right, his cousin/advisor…are you kidding me?

This guy was picked 10th in the draft after some injury concerns, but his slippage to the 10th spot is of no concern to Team-Crabtree, oh no…. He wants to be paid like a top 3 pick because his “talent” is top 3 worthy. Hey Crabtree, you are paid on your rookie deal based on where you were picked, not where you “think” you should’ve gone. San Francisco knows what a 10th pick should get and they budget accordingly, they are not going to pay #3 money to a 1oth pick; they picked you because they considered you a value at #10. As it is, top 10 picks make too much money, but that’s a post for another day….

Have you considered that if you go back into the draft, you may slip even further as teams would be afraid to invest big money in a tool? Run that by your cousin….. Curtis Martin was a great RB, but he wasn’t picked until the 3rd round due to injury concerns and guess what, he got 3rd round money until his next deal came up.

I know I’m not your cousin or your advisor, but here’s some free advice; get your ass into camp. Each day you sit out, you become less and less valuable and viable for the 2009 season plus you will most likely never make up the money you will lose by sitting. If you’re as good as you think you are, you will break the bank on future deals. Prove it…

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