Big Bad Roger Goodell…..NFL Fans Worst Nightmare

Is it just me or does anyone else feel the way I do about Roger Goodell and his tenure thus far as NFL commish? Because I’ll tell you right now, I’m far from impressed. Listen, this guy took over a product that was the best in all of sports. The NFL is a cash cow for the owners, players, and media. It’s a fan’s dream come true. It’s almost impossible to mess it up……but don’t count Roger out just yet.

I mean, c’mon, the guy allowed the Patriots minor video taping violation to turn into a full blown soap opera called “spygate” because he allowed the media and public to run with the story for days before he made his final decision. He damaged the NFL product just as much as Bill Belichick did by giving the appearance that the violation actually could have affected the outcome of Super Bowls. It was downright embarassing to many hard core NFL fans and coaches, who understand that those type of things(right or wrong) have been commonplace in the NFL for years. Former Dallas Cowboys head coach and current FOX analyst Jimmy Johnson even admitted to doing it in his Dallas tenure.

Did Roger learn anything from the way he handled the “spygate” fiasco? Well, apparently not. Because what else could you assume by the way you see this man talk and act upon the future on the NFL? The NFL Draft is far and away the NFL’s biggest offseason attraction and is a huge vehicle for NFL owner’s to bring together fans and get exposure for their franchises. The event takes place on a saturday every April and allows millions of sports fans to sit in front of their televisions on a slow TV day with nothing better to do. So what does the NFL commish do? He decides to move the event to a thursday and spread it out thru saturday. Are you kidding me? Hey Rog, if it’s not broke don’t fix it! Good lord. Why would anyone decide to move an event from a saturday that competes with no other TV show to a thursday and friday night in primetime? It is absolutely insane………until you hear what the NFL commish has in mind for the NFL’s biggest event, the Super Bowl.

Yes, friends, there’s more ridiculous ideas from the NFL’s big kahuna.If moving the NFL draft wasn’t enough to get your blood boiling, than how about watching your favorite team play the Super Bowl in England??? Yes, folks, that is what Roger has stated could be a reality in the near future. I’m sorry, but I simply cannot see how any american NFL fan can support such an absurd idea. You want to play regular season and pro bowl games in Europe, than have at it. I’m down for the cause. However, the bleeping Super Bowl? Do americans really want to watch their sport’s biggest game being played across the pond in front of a bunch of euro’s that don’t spend one penny going to NFL games in the US? Give me a break already.

The NFL owners might have bitten off more than they can chew when they made Roger Goodell the NFL commish. For a guy that blasted Belichick and the Patriots for damaging the NFL product, he is doing a pretty good job of it himself.

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