Red Sox-Yankees Series Prediction

Boston and New York start a 4 game series tonight and while no series in August is a must win scenario, the outcome could do some psychological damage. Think about it, Boston has won all 8 games vs. the Yankees this year and they still trail the boys from the Bronx by 2.5 games. You gotta figure the law of averages will catch up the the Sox at some point, it’s not like they’re going to sweep the season from the Yankees… Now if the Sox beat the Yankees 3 or 4, then the Yankees will be thinking they can’t beat Boston at all. But more realistically, the Yankees will win 3 or 4 and give Boston some payback. Boston has struggled since the all star break, are piling up injuries and are dealing with the Big Papi steroid fallout, plus they have the Rays closing the wildcard gap. If they get swept, stick a fork in em for this year…. Don’t worry Sox fans, if that happens, the Pats start real games in about a month…..

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