Sports the Way I See It…From My Couch(Volume 5)

In this week’s edition of “Sports the Way I See It…From My Couch” I will give my unbiased, uncensored, and strong opinions and thoughts on the potential NBA referees lockout, the Steve Spurrier “myth”, and the circus that is the Dallas Cowboys. Lets’ get to it…

Replacement NBA Referees starting October 1st?
In case you missed it, the NBA is looking at training replacement referees starting this week because no new deal has been struck between the NBA Refs union and the NBA. Maybe you are like me and say so what? I mean, c’mon, are there any WORSE refs in sports than the happy whistle blowers in the NBA? Ok, maybe MLB Baseball has a worse crew overseeing it’s games, but it’s awfully close. I mean was there ever a BIGGER story in the history of sports that got so little attention than the Tim Donaghy gambling scandal? For cris sakes, ESPN had wall to wall 24/7 coverage of the Patriots “spygate” scandal yet brushed the NBA scandal under the rug. Anyway, getting back to the refs, get a laugh out of this quote from the Lakers Derek Fisher, “Players throughout the league are concerned that the use of replacement referees could compromise the integrity of our games. Our fans deserve the best product that we can put on the court and that includes having the best referees. Anything less is unacceptable to our union and our members.” LOL, are you kidding me? How many bullshit phantom calls on Lebron and Kobe do we have to witness every time our favorite teams play those guys? The NBA refs are the biggest bunch of hacks going. Of course Fisher doesn’t want replacement refs. His team gets all the calls from the current group of hacks.

When will South Carolina get tired of the Steve Spurrier show?
Are people down in South Carolina tired of waiting for Steve Spurrier to turn the Cocks(good lord, is that an embarassing nickname or what?) into a SEC force? It’s year 5 of the Ol’ Ball Coach’s reign down in Columbia, SC and the guy is an ordinary 30-23 overall, including 2-1 this season. Yawn. And, please, spare me the “It’s tough to win in the SEC” argument just because South Carolina isn’t a traditional hot spot for the south’s top recruits to go to in the SEC. South Carolina’s recruiting has been ranked very good by the so-called recruiting experts and it’s not impossible to win at a school that is not a traditional power. It’s time for the Ol’ Ball Coach to put up or shut up.

The Circus that is the Dallas Cowboys
There was no TO this past sunday night, but I certainly had my popcorn ready and I enjoyed the show that “America’s Team” gave us all in primetime. In case you missed it, we had dancing Cowgirl cheerleaders shaking their asses all over the stadium(even in the upper deck), Tony Romo doing his best Brett Favre impersonation(AKA Keeping BOTH teams in the game with GREAT and STUPID throws), Fat Wade Phillips looking like a bafoon cheering and whining all game, and NBC’s cameras showing off Jerry Jones’ plastic face at least two dozen times including one when he was picking a snot. Boy, that is what I call entertainment baby! The best part of the night was seeing the Boys lose at the gun not once but TWO times, as Fat Wade tried to ice the kicker right before he connected on the first game winning FG attempt. The Giants kicker calmly regrouped and nailed the 2nd one right down the middle. It’s always fun when the circus is in town. And fortunately for us hardcore NFL fans, the NFL’s circus(aka The Dallas Cowboys) will be playing on national TV a few more times this season.

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