Weekly NCAA and NFL Football News, Notes, Rants, and Opinions from “The Pigskin Guy”

Well, as always, it was another great weekend watching College and Pro Football games from my couch with plenty of fresh bags of potato chips and ice cold brewskis at my disposal. Nothing like sitting on my ass watching the games and having the wife fetch me my supplies. “Hey hun, go make me another sandwich and grab me another cold one, will ya!!!” LOL, gotta love it. Anyway, let’s break down the action we witnessed this past weekend, shall we? Let’s get to it…

College Football

Can somebody please put Bobby Bowden out to pasture? Good lord, this old washed up hag should have been canned 5 years ago. I know he built Florida State into a powerhouse in his heyday, but that was over a decade ago. It is simply inexcusable and embarassing to lose to South Florida the way the Noles did this saturday.

Who the hell votes on the AP and USA Today Polls? I mean, really? Can we just allow 1st graders to vote for these polls instead of the clowns that do now? I knew Ole Miss and Cal were OVERRATED before they were exposed last week versus South Carolina and Oregon. Did ANYONE really consider Ole Miss and Cal to be two of the Top 6 teams in the nation like the AP and USA Today pollsters did? Just when I thought American citizens couldn’t get any less intelligent after they voted in Obama(How’s that change working for us liberals?) the AP and USA Today pollsters prove me wrong.

There is the SEC and then there is everyone else. Is there even an argument for ANY other conference when it comes to determining where the best talent, coaches, stadiums, and fans reside? You name it and the SEC has it. There is no doubt in my mind that Florida and Alabama are the top two teams in the nation right now. Frankly, it’s not even close. I know the Texas crowd will argue the Longhorns, but I have to disagree. The SEC Championship game should also be the national title game. If there ever was a year where two teams deserved to play a rematch it will be this season.

NFL Football

Can we settle down with the NY Jets and Super Bowl talk please? It’s week 4 people and last time I checked they don’t hand out trophies in September. Good grief. Ya ya, I know Mark Sanchez looks good and Fat Rex is the 2nd coming of Vince Lombardi, Bill Parcells, and Chuck Noll rolled into one, but excuse me if I still think New England will wax their asses in the rematch and still win the AFC East when the dust settles, ok?

Maybe that Josh McDaniels experiment ain’t so bad afterall? Give the kid his due. 3-0 is 3-0. After all the crap he took for the Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall soap operas, McDaniels has done a great job getting the Donkeys to buy into his system and the defense is vastly improved from the horrendous unit that was on display last season. Fat Rex is getting all the hype early of all first year head coaches, but McDaniels has done an equally impressive job in my opinion thus far. And who said Belichick disciples couldn’t coach outside of New England?

Is it just me or is the NFC still weak sister? I mean, really, outside of the NY Giants is there another team that you can see winning the Super Bowl if they play against Pittsburgh, Baltimore, New England, or Indianapolis? Philly? Not with that defense. Sorry. Minnesota? LOL, you can have the Bald Guy and Old Man Favre with 14 points ok? I’m taking all bets. Dallas? Bum’s Son and Tony Turnover aren’t leading the girl scouts anywhere nevermind a NFL team to a Super Bowl win. Chicago? Give me a break. New Orleans? That defense has more holes in it than Obama’s ridiculous health insurance plan. Atlanta? New England toyed with them sunday without Wes Welker and Jarod Mayo. Please. Folks, the NFC is WEAK SISTER. Let’s hope the Giants make it so at least the winner will be somewhat in doubt.

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