Weekend Football Recap – Penn St filling up on cupcakes, Jim Zorn is clueless, Eli Manning is average at best, and more…

While congress is investigating “The Pigskin Guy’s” picks from last weekend, let’s look at what happened last weekend(word is he was exchanging national security secrets with foreign governments for picks). That’s treason. We’ll see how Ken Starr handles the investigation.

Michigan – Are they good or are their 1st 2 opponents weak?? That freshman QB looks incredible but what happpens when he plays a real defense??

Penn St beat the Cuse and Florida St barely beat that tough Jacksonville St. squad. Looks like the race for most meaningless victories by a coach is chugging along quite well.

Mike Gundy and Oklahoma St proved they are 1 week wonders. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. It is tough when you are playing phi slamma jamma. They can slam it down!!!!!!

Ohio St came through and lost at home on national TV. USC really isn’t themselves, but they find a way to win. Tressel likes to start running the clock out in the 3rd quarter with a 5 pt lead. I don’t think the Ohio St scam is going to work this year.

Colorado could be the most gutless team I’ve ever seen. Besides being horrible, they act like they are on quaaludes during the game. It’s time for the Hawk to take his son and soar towards a college desperate for a coach.

It’s going to take some time to figure out the contenders from the pretenders. Until the cupcake phase has cooled off, it’s tough to tell what’s going on. But, that’s the NCAA.

NFL Week 1 Thoughts

Late monday night, an Oakland Raiders receiver had control of the ball and broke the plane. They say he didn’t maintain control of the ball when he came down, which I think he did. The point is, it doesn’t matter. Once his feet touch the ground and he has total control of the ball, that’s it. It doesn’t matter after that. On the field of play it would matter, but not in the endzone. Am I nuts???

Is Eli Manning the luckiest man alive? An average at best QB, getting all the attention and money he gets. He has had one of the best rushing attacks and defenses throughout his career. He still tries to lose the game, but his team won’t let him. To his credit, he is humble and always credits others. I guess he benefits because of the sad state of QB’ing in the NFL recently. He looks good in comparison. He is not a game winner and can be a game loser – like last year’s playoff opener against Carolina. He’s not a bad QB, JUST NOT GREAT.

When is Redskins coach Jim Zorn going to come to his senses and start Todd Collins over Jason Campbell? Collins turned that team around when given the chance. They have other talent. They can’t score. Collins is a pocket passer, which is what wins in the NFL. Campbell has potential, but how many sacrifices do you make to teach? You win NOW or you are gone Zorn.

The Bengals, Jake Delhomme and Jay Cutler. What can you say? It would be sad if they were all not making millions. I think the city of Denver owes Mike Shanahan an apology. That’s like coaching with me at QB. Although, I was one one of the greatest nerf street football players of all time. When there was a parked car on the street, I sent my “go to” guy on a square out right after the parked car, and he stopped on a dime, using the curb to stay in bounds. Meanwhile, I threw a wounded duck that looked like Dick Cheney had shot it, right after he shot some guy in the face. The ball goes over the hood of the car, thus shielding the defender, and heads for the grass that lies between the curb and sidewalk. My man, whose hands are like butter, pulls it in to extend the drive. UNSTOPPABLE.

Memo to San Diego Chargers: Talking about how good you are and proving how good you are, are 2 different things. And Shawne Merriman, how dare you mess with one of greatest actressess – entertainers of all time, TILA TEQUILA? HOW DARE YOU, SIR!

So that’s all for this review, more to come. I will be following the “Pigskin Guy” investigation on Fox News, fair and balanced as always.

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