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Setting up your sportsbook 


Setting up your sportsbook 


 These are exciting times in the sports betting world without a doubt. It’s true that the Covid-19 pandemic has had hard and significant effects on people and businesses all around the world, and as a society, we will have to learn to deal with that and come up with the best way to help and support everyone that has been affected. However, when we focus back on our industry, as much as we all have suffered and missed sports in the past few months, now that we see different leagues coming back, and the NBA announcing its plan to return in July, we know that this is the time for us to get up and start working, get back on track and make sure we’re ready to give sports bettors what they are looking for, and more.


Price per Head sportsbook vs Old School


Now that we’re all getting ready for our big comeback, and are looking for the best ways to make some money in sports betting, it’s important that you get to know the advantages of setting up your sportsbook with a good Price per Head operator like, vs. the old way of doing business in this industry, which could take lots of time, effort and money, that now you can save.

It’s no secret that, until a few years ago, creating your own business and running your own sportsbook operation was not an option for many, it would require lots of money invested, hundreds of thousands, lots of time, personnel, equipment, licenses and much more. Now, with Price per Head, you can forget about all that and, for just a small weekly fee per active customer, you’ll be able to get all this and offer it to your players, making your operation solid and stable, guaranteeing your customers the best online betting experience, as well as the best risk management and profit efficiency for yourself.


What does it take for me to setup my PPH sportsbook?


It is as easy as it sounds. Once you have checked out our site,, and are ready to join, just contact us online or give us a call, and we’ll be able to start working on setting up your business, just as you wanted, 100% personalized to your needs. There is no initial investment or hidden fees, no commission percentages or anything like that. Once you’re up and running, and the first week is gone, you’ll just pay the weekly fee per active player and that’s it, that’s how pay per head works.


What does this weekly fee per head include?


– Your very own website, personalized and adapted to your taste and needs

– The most updated, safest, and easy to use mobile sports betting platform

– State-of-the-art wagering software

– The best reporting tools in the industry

– 24/7 customer service and wagering clerks

– Sharpest line movers in sports betting, and much more.

Are you ready to join the PPH industry and turn your bookie operation into the best sportsbook you can imagine? You can even take a free trial, just go to our website, subscribe and you’ll be able to try it out yourself. Once you’re ready, just let us know and we’ll be ready to help! At :

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Give your PPH Sportsbook a Boost

PPH SportsbookBookies the world over are looking for that special something to boost business and now you can power your sportsbook engine with a state-of-the-art pay per head. The pay per head industry has picked up steam over the past several years and has no doubt revolutionized the online gaming industry. Not only are sportsbooks running to pay per heads – now the PPH providers are offering Las Vegas style casinos as well as world-class racebooks. There is no doubt that online gaming has changed drastically in the last five years and it continues to change on an annual basis. You must decide what you want to do; be left behind or keep up with a money making process that will make you wealthy if you play your cards right. The choice is yours. Take a look at some of the benefits of a pay per head.

How can a PPH change your business model?


A PPH will not only change your business model, it will change your life. Doing business with a PPH will change the way you think, how you sleep at night, and it will make your job as a bookie fun again. A bookies life is not always easy and although folks think a bookie has it made, all of us that have experience know, it can be difficult.

Accounting is a big deal in the sportsbook industry and if you are any kind of bookie, on any kind of level, then you must account for every dollar that you take in and every dollar that you spend. You may or may not have an accounting background; most bookies don’t. Who wants to spend half their day looking at a ledger sheet? Nobody. What you must do is either hire an accountant or find a great PPH and let them keep track of every penny in and out of your doors. Setting a budget is a must and knowing how much you can allow to be bet against you on a daily basis is another absolute must. Accounting: It’s a big deal.
Lines and odds: Not only are you probably not an accountant, you are also probably not an experienced odds maker and line mover. Again, most folks are not. Most bookies are former gamblers, not sportsbook workers. Bookies just like you, they have decided they would like to throw their hat in the ring and be on the other end of the betting stick. It’s a risky venture in many ways, however, it pays off big when the bookies hire the right people. As with any business – the owner/CEO can’t possibly know everything. What do they do? They hire great people that are in the know.

You may not be an experienced odds maker and may not have much experience setting the daily lines, but you can rest 100% sure that the PPH providers, they know the odds and lines. They set them daily for you, it’s automatic and you have to do nothing. You are welcome to change them if you like, but the heavy lifting is done for you.

⦁ The PPH is a fantastic tool to have in your arsenal and you must find the right one. There are many of them online, but the best ones out there will offer you an extended free trial. Now you can try before you buy and of course you should do this. Not only is it a good idea to try a product before making the commitment, it’s a great way to hook players and use their word of mouth for marketing purposes.
⦁ The PPH is a turnkey ready, fully functional, online sportsbook, racebook, and casino. Now you too can be a casino owner and there is huge potential for very large profits and a steady stream of new players.
⦁ Sports gamblers get bored and they often want something to do between games. The PPH is now offering the solution.
⦁ A great PPH costs around $10-$15 per head, per week, depending on the level of service chosen.

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Find a great PPH provider today and start seeing a very large profit jump. Now you have time to take care of your clients and find new ones. The PPH does everything for you. They even grade bet slips. Dial up a fantastic PPH provider and start your free trial today.

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