NFL Power Rankings – Week 11



1.Colts 9-0 (1) They aren’t perfect and have weaknesses like everyone else, but they are better than everyone at overcoming them because they have Manning at the helm.

2.Saints 9-0 (2) Did they mail one in at St. Louis or are they ripe to be beaten?

3.Vikings 8-1 (4) Sure, everyone’s in love with Old Man Favre and the Bald-Guy-In-Charge up in Minnesota now, but can it last?

4.Bengals 7-2 (5) Ran through their division like Sherman through Atlanta….THAT’s how to earn a playoff spot.

5.Steelers 6-3 (3) Big Ben couldn’t pull a rabbit out of the hat, and unless Cincy collapses down the stretch, they will have to take the hard road to get to the playoffs .

6.Chargers 6-3 (9) C’mon, admit it, who else had the Chargers dead and buried after their loss to Denver?  With a win this week, they take over the division lead….

7.Patriots 6-3 (6) Forget about Belichick’s call, it wasn’t the reason they lost to the Colts.  Frankly, the offense  didn’t get it done in the second half on the road, again….. McDaniel’s departure is hurting them…

8.Cardinals 6-3 (12) They are benefitting from a weak-ass division, but hey they showed last year that once you’re in the tournament anything can happen.

9.Cowboys 6-3 (7) They couldn’t stand prosperity, could they?  The good news is the Eagles lost too so they stay on top in NFC East for another week.

10.Ravens 5-4 (14) Now that Cincy is in the divisional driver’s seat, the only hope Baltimore has is to sweep Pittsburgh and try to get a wildcard berth.  Of course, easier said than done……

11.Texans 5-4 (11) Another team with wildcard aspirations, can they finally break through?

12.Eagles 5-4 (10) A 2-game skid for Fat Andy and Chunky Donovan…. Can’t count them out yet, but it’s not looking like their year….


13.Broncos 6-3 (8) I’m sorry but if you’re a playoff-caliber team you don’t lose to Washington, okay?  They can get back on track with a win this week against SD, but I don’t see it happening…

14.Giants 5-4 (15) If ever a team needed a bye week it was the G-men,   With the Eagles and Cowboys fully capable of fading down the stretch, they still have a good chance if they can pull it together…

15.Jaguars 5-4 (18) I don’t know how this team is doing it, but they are beating the teams they should….

16.Packers 5-4 (20) Now if they played like that every week, they’d make the playoffs….      a big if, though….

17.Panthers 4-5 (19) Making the long trek back to respectability, but can Fox save his job?

18.Falcons 5-4 (13) Looking more and more like an 8-8 team at best…

19.Dolphins 4-5 (16) Had to come from behind to beat the Bucs at home, the Bucs!!  Who’s going to run the wildcat if Ronnie Brown is out?

20.Jets 4-5 (17) Was this team actually 3-0 at one time?  How much barking are they doing these days?

21.Niners 4-5 (24) Got a truckload of interceptions from Cutler and still almost lost the game…. Not exactly a juggernaut out by the bay….

22.Bears 4-5 (21) Cutler threw a pick to almost everyone on SF’s defense and still had a chance to win at the end….but of course he threw another pick in the end zone to end it….Typical Cutler….


23.Redskins 3-6 (26) At least they’re not quitting on Zorn and the Bingo-caller….

24. Titans 3-6 (27) I love their owner….flipping the bird to Bills fans from the owner’s box and telling Fisher to play Vince Young….  He may pay a fine, but was he wrong?

25. Bills 3-6 (22) If I’m a Bills’ fan, I’d be flipping the bird to the Bills owner!!!!

26.Seahawks 3-6 (23) Blow it up and start over….

27.Chiefs 2-7 (31) Evened the score with the hated Raiders…

28.Raiders 2-7 (25) Still can’t believe the fans who dress like clowns to watch these guys….hello???

29.Bucs 1-8 (29) You get an A for effort…

30.Rams 1-8 (28) Same for you…

31.Lions 1-8 (30) At least  you’re not the worst team in the league….

32.Browns 1-8 (32) If you ever have insomnia, pop in a tape of the Browns on offense from last night.  Worked for me….

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