From the Observation Deck (Vol. 4)

Here’s some things that caught my eye while waiting for the NFL scrimmage season to end….

Michigan Football– Wow has this program fallen into the toilet!  Some players are whistle-blowing on the coach for exceeding NCAA practice limits.  First of all, you should practice longer because you stink and secondly if you want to bitch, put your name behind the complaint.  Don’t be a pussy and do it anonymously…  That said, Rich Rodriguez IS a slime ball; did you see him crying in his press conference? Give the man an Oscar for that performance….  West Virginia fans are laughing their asses off…

Ricky Rubio stays in Europe– Good lord, is it any wonder the Timberwolves are a joke?  How in the world do you draft a guy that high and not know if you can sign him?  Even Kevin McHale isn’t that dumb….

Lou Holtz predicts Notre Dame to play in BCS title game- Can Lou get anymore senile?  Take your shamrock glasses off Lou…  I know ND’s schedule is softer than soft, but there’s no way this is happening.  And if it does somehow happen, it would be the final straw that breaks this stupid BCS system for good.

Brett Farve’s block – I hope someone lays out Favre after that dirty play against Houston’s Eugene Wilson.  There’s no excuse for going after someone’s knees and it made me sick that all the pundits basically glossed over it.  Yeah he got penalized, but I wish someone on the Texans would’ve knocked him out.

Jerry Jones Big Screen – Couldn’t believe the NFL is going to give mulligans when a ball hits the screen in the new Cowboy’s stadium.  What?  Big tough guy Goodell doesn’t want to admit the league screwed up by telling Jones the height was okay.  Now that it clearly isn’t high enough, Goodell ought to have the balls to say they effed up and pay to have it raised.  I agree with my colleague David E., Goodell is a tool…

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