87th 24 Hours of Le Mans Betting Preview

87th 24 Hours of Le Mans Betting Preview

One of the most prestigious, yet unknown, racing events is set to take place this weekend in Le Mans, France. The 87th annual 24 Hours of Le Mans is the longest running endurance racing event in the World, and is always an attractive and popular event in the country of France. Most endurance races last anywhere from 4-6 hours, but Le Mans puts drivers and their teams through an intense 24 hour race that tests everyone both physically and mentally.


Big 3 of Racing

The Indianapolis 500 and the Monaco Grand Prix are two extremely well-known races, but the 24 Hours of Le Mans is the third event that makes up the Triple Crown of Auto Racing. The event has been ran annually since 1923, and takes place on the Circuit de la Sarthe. Drivers are tasked with making as many laps around the circuit as they can within the 24 hour time limit while limiting the damage to their vehicle.


The race has about 60 entrants each year, and cars are designed specifically for this race. The race is broken down into four classes, with the types of cars determining what class a driver and their team will compete in. The winner of the race usually covers more than 3,100 miles during the 24 hour time period, and drivers are switched out at different times throughout the race due to safety concerns. The first few hours of the race are usually pretty smooth with very few accidents, but things start to get very interesting in the final hours as drivers push to make their way to the top of the leaderboard.


Most of the teams entered in the race will use three drivers during the course of 24 hours, but a few of them will choose to stick with just two. Pit stops at the Le Mans race work much differently than in other races, and drivers must completely turn off their cars if they are replacing any fuels before hitting the road again. There are very strict laws put into place to protect not only the safety of the drivers, but the safety of the crews that are working alongside the race.


It’s hard to really get a good feel for which drivers are the favorites heading into the race each year, because the car and the team are really the most important pieces of the race. Since the race begins in the middle of the afternoon in extremely warm conditions, staying hydrated and focused is a major concern for every team. Watching the first few hours and the final two hours is really the best way to view this extremely fun and exciting event.



The race takes place on an 8.5 mile circuit which includes a race track and then several closed public roads that wind through France. With four different classes competing it is sometimes hard to determine who is really winning the race because all of the cars are traveling at different speeds. In order to win the race, the car must be able to complete a final circuit at the end of the race, and that usually eliminates a large portion of the field. The 24 Hours of Le Mans generally doesn’t have a ton of major crashes, but there are usually some huge malfunctions with cars that force teams to retire at different points throughout the race.



Tom Kristensen of Denmark is the most decorated winner of this event, having won it nine times throughout his career. A total of 129 drivers have claimed victory at this event, with drivers from the United Kingdom pulling down 32 titles. The performance of the cars plays a vital role in the running of this event, but having a solid driver is huge as well. The 2019 24 Hours of Le Mans is shaping up to be another extremely exciting and unpredictable event.  If you are getting ready to place a bet for the 24 Hours of Le Mans and need a place to go, check out the best pay per head bookie there is, RealBookies.


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