2023 NFL Futures Betting Odds


2023 NFL Futures Betting Odds at Bovada

Get ready football fans, because the excitement for the upcoming NFL season is already building! Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking to add some extra thrill to your Sunday afternoons, Bovada has you covered with their 2023 NFL Futures Betting Odds. With the chance to bet on Super Bowl, Conference and Division favorites and underdogs, this is your chance to get a head start on the action and potentially earn some serious money. So, let’s dive into the 2023 NFL Futures betting odds and discover what Bovada has available to bet on!

Get a head start on the excitement: 2023 NFL Futures Betting Odds now available at Bovada!

Football bettors rejoice! Bovada is giving you the unique opportunity to start your NFL season one step ahead of everyone else. With their 2023 NFL Futures Betting Odds, you can dive into the world of sports betting and be part of all the excitement that comes with it. From predicting the Super Bowl champions to wagering on individual player performances, Bovada has a wide range of options to satisfy your football cravings.

Discover the early Super Bowl favorites and underdogs for the upcoming NFL season.

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Are you ready to put your betting prediction skills to the test? With Bovada’s 2023 NFL Futures Betting Odds, you can place bets on the early Super Bowl favorites and underdogs for the upcoming season. Will the reigning champion Kansas City Chiefs defend their Super Bowl title, or will a dark horse emerge as a surprise contender and ultimately win this season’s Lombardi Trophy? There is a case to be made for many teams, and that’s what makes NFL betting so exhilarating. Take a look at the odds, analyze the teams, and trust your instincts to place your bets and make your predictions come true.

Analyzing the Top Contenders in 2023 NFL Futures

As we look ahead to the 2023 NFL season, it’s essential to analyze the top contenders in NFL Futures Betting Odds. Teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Francisco 49ers have arguably the three best overall rosters in the NFL, making them strong contenders for the upcoming season. However, other teams like the Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and Cincinnati Bengals have also proven themselves to be worthy contenders, ready to make a serious run at the Super Bowl this season. By studying the teams’ performances, key player acquisitions, and overall strategies, bettors can make well-informed decisions that increase their chances of a successful bet.

Exciting NFL Betting Welcome Bonus at Bovada!

When it comes to getting the most out of your NFL betting experience, Bovada goes above and beyond with their thrilling NFL Betting Welcome Bonus. New users can take advantage of a generous 50% upto $750 FREE CASH bonus offer, which adds an extra boost to your initial deposit. With this bonus, you have the opportunity to maximize your bets and potentially increase your winnings. It’s a fantastic way to kick off your NFL betting journey and make the most of your predictions throughout the season. Bovada truly knows how to make their users feel welcome and appreciated.

Let’s take a look at the 2023 NFL Futures Betting Odds!

Odds courtesy of Bovada Sportsbook

Superbowl 58 (2024) Winner

Kansas City Chiefs +600
Philadelphia Eagles +800
Buffalo Bills +900
Cincinnati Bengals +950
San Francisco 49ers +950
New York Jets +1200
Dallas Cowboys +1600
Baltimore Ravens +2000
Miami Dolphins +2100
Detroit Lions +2500
Jacksonville Jaguars +2800
Los Angeles Chargers +2900
Seattle Seahawks +2900
Cleveland Browns +3300
Las Vegas Raiders +3300
New Orleans Saints +3500
New York Giants +4200
Green Bay Packers +4500
New England Patriots +4800
Minnesota Vikings +5000
Denver Broncos +5500
Chicago Bears +6000
Pittsburgh Steelers +6000
Carolina Panthers +8000
Los Angeles Rams +8500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +8500
Atlanta Falcons +9000
Tennessee Titans +9000
Indianapolis Colts +9500
Washington Commanders +10000
Arizona Cardinals +15000
Houston Texans +20000

Superbowl 58 (2024) Conference Winner


Superbowl 58 (2024) Winning State

Any Other State +160
California +550
New Jersey + New York +400
Pennsylvania +650
Ohio +850
Florida +900
Texas +1400
Maryland +1900

Superbowl 58 (2024) Winning Division

AFC West +350
AFC East +375
NFC East +400
AFC North +500
NFC West +550
NFC North +900
NFC South +1400
AFC South +1600

2023/24 AFC Championship Winner

Kansas City Chiefs +360
Buffalo Bills +475
Cincinnati Bengals +525
New York Jets +900
Baltimore Ravens +1000
Miami Dolphins +1000
Jacksonville Jaguars +1200
Los Angeles Chargers +1300
Cleveland Browns +1800
Las Vegas Raiders +2200
New England Patriots +2400
Denver Broncos +2700
Pittsburgh Steelers +2900
Indianapolis Colts +5000
Tennessee Titans +6000
Houston Texans +8500

2023/24 AFC Conference Winning Division

AFC West +150
AFC East +200
AFC North +225
AFC South +700

2023/24 NFC Championship Winner

Philadelphia Eagles +300
San Francisco 49ers +400
Dallas Cowboys +600
Detroit Lions +900
Seattle Seahawks +1100
New Orleans Saints +1400
Minnesota Vikings +1600
Green Bay Packers +1800
New York Giants +2200
Chicago Bears +2500
Atlanta Falcons +2600
Carolina Panthers +2800
Washington Commanders +3000
Los Angeles Rams +3500
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +4200
Arizona Cardinals +7500

2023/24 NFC Conference Winning Division

NFC West +200
NFC North +400
NFC South +600

2023/24 AFC East Winner

Buffalo Bills +120
New York Jets +260
Miami Dolphins +300
New England Patriots +750

2023/24 AFC North Winner

Cincinnati Bengals +120
Baltimore Ravens +250
Cleveland Browns +370
Pittsburgh Steelers +525

2023/24 AFC South Winner

Jacksonville Jaguars -175
Tennessee Titans +425
Indianapolis Colts +475
Houston Texans +750

2023/24 AFC West Winner

Kansas City Chiefs -185
Los Angeles Chargers +300
Denver Broncos +625
Las Vegas Raiders +1250

2023/24 NFC East Winner

Philadelphia Eagles -120
Dallas Cowboys +190
New York Giants +650
Washington Commanders +1000

2023/24 NFC North Winner

Detroit Lions +140
Minnesota Vikings +275
Green Bay Packers +330
Chicago Bears +400

2023/24 NFC South Winner

New Orleans Saints +130
Atlanta Falcons +220
Carolina Panthers +330
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +625

2023/24 NFC West Winner

San Francisco 49ers -175
Seattle Seahawks +225
Los Angeles Rams +750
Arizona Cardinals +2500

With the 2023 NFL Futures Betting Odds at Bovada and their exciting NFL Betting Welcome Bonus, this season promises to be an unforgettable one for football and betting enthusiasts alike. The top contenders in the NFL are ready to battle it out on the field, and with the right strategies and expert NFL picks, you could come out on top with a winning bet. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the world of NFL betting and experience the thrill of predicting the outcomes of your favorite teams. Head over to Bovada today and make the most of their incredible betting options and bonuses!

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