How To Promote the 2018 FIFA World Cup In Your Sportsbook

How To Promote the 2018 FIFA World Cup In Your Sportsbook

Starting June 14, one of the greatest sporting events in the world takes place. Every 4 years, the best soccer nations on the planet hit the pitch for the FIFA World Cup.

3 Ways To Promote the 2018 FIFA World Cup In Your Sportsbook

Online bookies can make out like bandits during the FIFA World Cup. To do so, bookies must promote World Cup betting. See below for 3 ways bookies can do that.

Consider Star Power

There’s no other time when the best players from the Premier League, the Bundesliga, and La Liga hit the pitch at the same time other than the World Cup.

Portugal’s Ronaldo, Argentina’s Lionel Messi, and Spain’s Isco will all play for their nations.

Promoting the World Cup’s star power only makes sense. On June 15, Ronaldo and Portugal battle Spain and Isco. That’s a huge match up between 2 of the most popular players in the world.

Think of Other Great World Cup Storylines

Speaking of Spain and Isco versus Ronaldo and Portugal, the 2 stars play together for Real Madrid.

What it means is that teammates will be leading their nations against each other on the pitch. That’s an awesome storyline.

Other great storylines are:  

  • Will Messi lead Argentina to a World Cup trophy?
  • Can Ronaldo and Portugal parlay their 2016 UEFA victory into World Cup glory?
  • Is Spain ready to bounce back after their horrible 2014 World Cup performance?
  • How well will Brazil do after the 2014 World Cup embarrassment?

Take the Soft Approach…It’s the World Cup!

Pay per head agents can also always take the soft approach. After all, this is the World Cup. The World Cup is more popular than the Olympics when it comes to the fervor of its fans.

Every soccer fan on the planet watches the World Cup. Not every sports fan on the planet watches the Olympics.

Taking a soft approach could work. It especially could work because the only other big time sports league playing during the World Cup is Major League Baseball. Not everyone is a baseball fan.

Just alerting bettors to the World Cup should lead to sportsbook profits. Online bookie agents are encouraged to do exactly that.

Promote the World Cup by concentrating on star power, dramatic storylines, and taking a basic soft approach.  

Get Prepared For The 2018 FIFA World Cup

There’s one final task that will help online bookies promote, and mitigate risk during the World Cup. Bookies should sign up for a premium sportsbook software.

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