Sports Betting – Offshore Odds vs. Vegas Odds

Sports Betting – Offshore Odds vs. Vegas Odds

There was a day when the only place you could bet on a sporting event was Las Vegas. It was a different world back then, Sin City got its name from the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll lifestyle it represented. It is still a destination that attracts travelers looking for a good time, because we all know, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, but also is considered a family destination as well, with much to see and do.

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While some bettors still go to Las Vegas to bet, but is not as common as it once was, reserved for high rollers who are looking to wager six or seven figures, locals and visitors. These days, with the evolution of the Internet and subsequently the online gambling industry, the vast majority of sports bettors have taken their business offshore.

What is the difference between offshore odds and Vegas odds is a question that gets asked very often. The biggest difference is the variety you get from an offshore online sportsbook, and along with variety is the convenience that comes along with using them. For me, the similarities between the two are also worth talking about, because the lines themselves are really quite similar.

If you have not logged into your online sportsbook account, or even worse, if you don’t have one, do yourself a favor and go sign up and/or login now and take a look at the betting menu. It is massive! You can bet on everything from football to soccer, UFC to snooker and everything in between.

Let’s look at live betting. There are casinos in Vegas that offer live betting, but you still have to get up to the window and get your wager in before time runs out. Live betting is a time sensitive matter, and is a huge benefit of having access to online sports betting.

Normally, offshore sportsbooks will open the action, setting the market with early opening lines. At this time, big bets usually come in and shift the line. Between public wagers and more “sharp money” coming in, it is very common to see multiple line movements before it closes.

This is where you will see a lot of similarities, because no two online sportsbooks or no two Las Vegas casinos are alike. Each shop will generate a different demographic of bettors, meaning one side may get more money than your average because homers often times support their team, thinking if they bet on them, they will do better.

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A guy I know is from New York City, and has up to 5000 players betting each week. During football season, the amount of action he gets on the NY Giants is unbelievable, which causes him to always have a line that favors the Giants competition. In this case, he’s not only trying to even the money on either side, but he’s giving worse odds to a side that he knows he will see the bulk of the action. The same can be said for Boston based books and the New England Patriots.

Vegas books are similar in the fact that they often get huge wagers from either an individual bettor or large betting syndicates that often pool money to move the line how they want. Some will do this with a future plan of making an even bigger bet on the opposite side after the public has followed their small-to-medium size bet. Imagine if Floyd Mayweather walked in a Vegas casino and dropped a million dollars on a bet. You can be sure that book will be moving their line.

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Keeping an eye on multiple Las Vegas lines from different casinos and keeping an eye on multiple offshore sportsbook odds is a smart practice for any sports bettor that is looking to turn a profit wagering on sports. Line shopping is the first step in becoming a smarter bettor, and incorporating Vegas odds into your every day routine will give you a much broader outlook on the whole picture.

You can see, as far as the lines themselves go, there is not much of a difference between Vegas and offshore sportsbooks. The biggest differences are the options available in the online offshore betting menu and the convenience that comes along with it. With easy to use mobile interfaces offered by offshore sportsbooks, you won’t even have to leave your couch to get your wagers in.

Use them both to monitor lines, because doing so will give you a great feel for where the action is, and giving you a leg up on the competition. So go ahead, log into your online sports betting account, take a look at the variety and find a line you want to wager on today.

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