Software That Can Make Your Life Easier


Are you one of the few bookies still not utilizing technology?

If you’re a bookie still accepting bets through text/email, it’s time to make your life easier. There are a lot of reasons why you should have your own website powered by a sportsbook software platform.

Why You Need to Use Sportsbook Software

Let’s take a look at some of those reasons quickly:

  • Tracking Bets: Trying to track bets through text/email is a hassle and can lead to a lot of big problems. What happens if a player texts a bet and then tries to cancel the bet?

With a sportsbook bookie software, you never need to worry about tracking bets. When a player places a bet, it’s final. If they want to back out of the bet, they can bet the other side and lose the juice.

  • Grading Bets: Mistakes can happen when you try to manually grade bets. When you utilize a sportsbook platform, all bets are graded by clerks nearly immediately after the event.

You’re going to save hours daily by not having to worry about grading any bets.

  • Accounting: All of your weekly, monthly and yearly accounting is automated. You’ll be able to generate reports in real-time detailing every aspect of your business.

You’ll never need to hire a bookkeeper to maintain your books. Some of the reports you’ll be able to access include overall hold percentage, profits/losses, exposure and much more.

  • Customizations: The best sportsbook software platforms allow for lots of customization. You can create individual betting profiles for every player (lines profile, restrictions, limits, etc.), remove certain sports or bet types from your betting menu and much more.

One trick we recommend is to shade the lines on local teams slightly. This will increase your overall hold percentage in the long-term and your players won’t even notice the extra bit of juice.

  • Odds Management: You’ll never need to move a betting line again if you don’t want to, as the best sportsbook software platforms handle the betting board. They hire experts to manage the betting board. They price up and move markets to keep the odds sharp.

With hundreds of daily betting markets to maintain, it wouldn’t be possible for a bookie with all of the other things going on. The betting board is full of straight bets, props, futures and more.

Spend Your Time Growing

Let the sportsbook software and PPH service reps handle the day-to-day operations.

You should be focused on growth. Finding new players is always important, but make sure you also spend some time building relationships with your player sheet.

Find out if they’re happy with everything and get tips on where you can improve. Feedback from your players is better than anything else. You also don’t want your players leaving.

There’s a ton of competition and no shortage of other bookies fighting for players.

Another reason you absolutely need to utilize software is to have a professional image. No one is going to want to bet with you if your product is inferior to the rest of the competition.

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