Right now is the time to look for opportunities


Right now is the time to look for opportunities


Basketball, baseball, hockey, everything, it’s all been canceled, but here is the good news… everything is on its way back very soon. MLB is to open in a couple of weeks the NHL playoffs will be kicking off shortly and the NBA is set for a return that will lead to the playoffs as well. The seasons have been shortened and of course, we have lost a large portion of betting action, don’t let this slow you from getting back on the horse and earning a great profit. Football is right around the corner and by all indications, there will be no delays. Bookies, you have a lot to look forward to, there is a pile of opportunity just around the corner so buckle up, find a great pay per head, and have a plan.

  • Your online presence or lack thereof will make or break you, especially this season. You must be all things to all people, all of the time. Don’t wait for the client to come calling. Call them in a couple of days (that’s how long, or less that it will take to custom-build your online sportsbook, casino, and racebook.
  • Look for a pay per head that comes fully loaded with all of the bells and whistles such as live lines, thousands of daily prop lines,  dynamic lines, politics, lotto, and more… Don’t forget, this is an election year in the United States and gamblers want in. They want to bet on the election, and they will if you offer it. They will bet on anything right now if you offer it!
  • The PPH at Payperhead247 is the software that operates the sportsbook. All you do is turn on the computer and operate a mouse. The homework and the legwork are completely done for you. Think you can’t afford a PPH? Think again. At $7 per head, you can afford it. Your active clients will be charged once per week (you will be charged for them), they will be allowed to bet as much as they like and on anything they like. If they want to spend $3,000 in the casino, no problem, if they want to bet the horses every day, no problem. What you pay is a one-time, weekly fee of around $7-$10-depending on the level of service chosen. Your players will cover that cost with one bet per week.


  • Now, you have time to manage your players. The PPH does everything for you so, you must focus on player management. You need to know when you get beat, who’s beating you, and by what margins. You also must know who is losing. You don’t want losers to walk! You need all of the losing that you can find! The PPH will give you on-demand reports that show the player’s activity and what they are doing, what they are betting on, and where they are playing consistently. The reports are free.


  • Players want to win and if they are losing to you, they want something for free. Give it to them. There are deposit bonuses, free contests, and much more that can be done to draw an incentive to keep these players on the string. Push the casino, you need this cash cow. The casino is exactly that – a cash cow. Every once in a while, you may payout in the casino but it’s rare and when you do, it’s not usually much.
  • The PPH comes loaded with the best user interface in the gaming industry right along with a vast wagering menu that your clients will love. They will find everything they want to bet on and more.

Call the PPH today and take advantage of the times we are in. The players want to play, but you must offer it so they can. You may not have a lot of sports betting action right now, but it will pick up significantly very shortly. The PPH sets the daily lines and odds while leaving you in control to change them at any time. Your job is an easy street with a PPH. You will never want to go back to the days of being a local bookie

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