Price vs Quality

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Price vs Quality

Many land-based bookmakers cannot sign bettors outside their vicinity. But online bookies can register players from different countries. Some operators hire a price per head service to automate most of their betting activities.

Yet, some of them focus more on the price rather than the quality of services they get. In this post, we discuss why you need to consider the price and quality while selecting a pay per head (PPH) company.

5 Reasons Not to Choose an Extremely Cheap Pay Per Head Firm

You will get the following once you contract some cheap PPH providers:

Limited Gambling Markets

PPH companies that offer bettors a wide array of betting options often have huge budgets and costly services. Yet, small firms with a slim budget tend to provide few gambling markets, which might not keep regular bettors engaged for long. They will get a boring betting experience, unlike when betting at a large pay per head firm.

Low-Quality Gambling Features

Purchasing, installing, and maintaining sophisticated betting software and tools cost an arm and leg. Each PPH company wants to get a return from its investment. But, providers with extremely cheap services cannot meet the expenses of high-end software.

So, they opt to use low-quality gambling tools that will leave them a profit margin once bookies subscribe to their services. You might miss some vital features on such a company’s betting system, including security features. This will make your bettors susceptible to hacking as third parties can access their accounts.

Besides using low-quality software, the provider might lack funds to hire competent computer programmers to repair their systems when a connection failure or system breakdown occurs. Hence, bettors might not be able to wager when your business has high traffic or when tens of sporting events are taking place at once.

Low-Quality Hardware Equipment

A cheap PPH company is likely to use inferior betting hardware to increase its profit. Also, it might take long to upgrade the hardware and use the latest technology. This will gradually decrease your bookie’s efficiency and revenue.

Insufficient Workers

Pay per head companies with financial constraints tend to hire few workers and underpay them. This reduces their efficiency and the quality of their customer service as the staff often gen overloaded with tasks and feel unappreciated.

At times, a bettor can call such a worker to seek guidance on how to place a particular bet, but the employee answers them rudely. Generally, PPH providers with premium services hire experienced personnel and pay them well.

The Loss of Regular Pundits

Many professional and regular bettors like betting at companies that offer exceptional customer support, have the latest bookie software and make fast payouts. They might leave your bookie if your services have deteriorated since you hired a certain cheap pay per head provider.

How to Select the Right PPH Provider

Check and compare the online reviews of different pay per head companies. Providers with high-quality PPH solutions tend to have many positive reviews and have different functionalities.

For example, an ideal provider should offer more than 70 racing tracks, a hundred casino games, and over 70 sports leagues. Bookies and bettors should be able to access their betting options anytime.

Also, it should have easy-to-use software and create customizable websites for bookmakers. The PPH company should offer regular reports on your account, including the management report, player action report, and weekly balance report.

Some bookmakers use different methods to reduce their operational costs, including hiring cheap PPH providers. At times, some of these providers offer low-quality services that can destroy rather than build your bookie business. So, it is important to read online reviews to determine whether a pay per head company can meet your betting needs.

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