PayPerHead Now Lets You Collect Cryptocurrency Faster From Your Players

PayPerHead Now Lets You Collect Cryptocurrency Faster From Your Players

The best pay per head companies offer tools and solutions that make online bookies’ lives easier., a leader in per head tools, just released a payment solution that could revolutionize the sports betting industry.

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PayPerHead’s New Agent Payment Solution’s new agent payment solution allows for transactions in cryptocurrencies. Below, are further details about the new agent payment solution.

Allows agents to receive deposits from players in cryptocurrency

Players can deposit in their cryptocurrency of choice:  Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. When players deposit via cryptocurrency, their deposits are safe and fast.

The faster pay per head agents receive deposits, the faster action should roll into their sportsbooks.

Allows agents to make payouts in cryptocurrency

Payouts in cryptocurrency are much quicker than old fashioned fiat currency payouts. Some online bookies make payouts offline. They pay out players at in-person meetings.

It can take a long time to set up an in-person meeting. By making payouts to players in cryptocurrency, pay per head agents make customers happy. It’s a quicker and safer process.

Allows agents to collect much quicker

Agents can collect from players much quicker via PayPerHead’s new agent payment solution. Collecting in cryptocurrency isn’t just quicker. It’s also much safer.

If per head agents wish to turn their cryptocurrency into fiat currency they can do so. Agents shouldn’t forget that they can also put their cryptocurrency into cold storage.

Cold storing cryptocurrency adds an extra layer of protection.

Check out a bullet point list of what PayPerHead’s new agent payment solution offers:

  • Request withdrawals from their layoff/billing account without the need to contact billing. Same withdrawal methods and policies that currently show in the Payout Chart under the Layoff tab for master agents apply.
  • Receive deposits from their players using cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin)
  • Send payouts to players through those same cryptocurrencies, debited from the agent’s billing balance.
  • For both prime and pro plans
  • Agents can Receive deposits from their players using cryptocurrency and send payouts to players

The first bullet point might be the most important. The new agent payment solution allows agents to request a withdrawal without having to speak to a PayPerHead customer service rep.

This should save pay per head agents plenty of time. PayPerHead offers the new agent payment solution for both prime and pro plans. has been a trusted solution for over 20 years, they continue to develop time-saving solutions for agents so they have more time to continue to grow their sportsbook business. To kick off the NFL Regular Season, PayPerHead is also offering their Prime Plan for just $3 Per Head.

That means agents not only get the new Agent Payment Solution, but they also get access to every premium tool and feature available. Upgrade your sportsbook business to the trusted sportsbook solution since 1997.

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