Online Gambling Software Reviews & Comparisons

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Online Gambling Software Reviews & Comparisons


First-What you must know about online bookmaking is this: Nearly every bookie that is online with an online presence, where his clients can visit on a 24/7 basis and place wagers – those bookmakers are most likely using a “Pay Per Head”. The pay per head is the bookie software. There are pay per head providers across the internet (most of them have a brick and mortar in the Caribbean or Costa Rica), these bookie software providers offer the local bookie (you – any bookie that is operating any kind of bookmaking service) the opportunity to have their business managed by a professional management outsourcer. The PPH does everything for you, they are the software that operates the sportsbook, casino and racebook, on a daily basis.


You must first ask about their software. This question should be, the burning question on every bookmakers mind. What is their software, what does it do, and more specifically, what does it do for you? Software is the brain behind the pay per head. A pay per head operation is only as good as their software. If their software is shaky but their customer service is great, uhm… yea… that’s great that they are nice people but are they helping you retain your clients and most importantly, are they helping you earn a fantastic income as a bookie?


What Should You be Looking For?


  • Ask Questions: Number one, how much does this software cost? The top of the line premier pay per head companies on the market are charging around $7-$13 per head, per week, for active players. This means that for every player that places any wagering action either in the sportsbook, the racebook, or the casino, they are an active player and you will be charged for their week of service. You will be charged if thy place just one wager. That wager could be placed in the sportsbook, it could be .5 cents spent in a slot machine, or $1.00 spent on a horse race. The kicker to all of this — they may also place hundred of bets anywhere on your gaming website and you are still charged the one-time fee. Your client is allowed limitless betting for the one-time fee or they may place just one bet. If they do not bet at all, then you are charged nothing for that week – they were inactive.


  • We see the variation between $7-$13. Why the difference? Most of the best PPH providers all offer different levels of service. Some of them charge more for services such as “phone-in-betting”. Some of them charge more for “live dealers” in the casino, and so on… These charges very from provider to provider. What you choose to offer your clients is 100% up to you. You are the owner of the sportsbook and the PPH providers respect this.


  • Question number two, ask any potential PPH provider if they offer a custom-built gaming website for FREE. If they do not, then RUN! If you are going to sign up with a PPH and allow them the opportunity to manage your sportsbook, then they must pay the piper! They must offer to build your gaming website for free, with no upfront cost and they must deliver the site in a day or two.


  • Question number three, what does the software provide to you, what can you expect on a daily basis? The software should provide a three-in-one package that includes a state of the art sportsbook with a huge wagering menu all set on the very best user interface. The sportsbook should look like any other online sportsbook and it should function the same. They will also provide you with a world-class racebook that offers more than 75-tracks from across North America and across the globe. Last, but certainly not least, the best PPH providers will also offer a Las Vegas-style casino with hundreds of games and even live dealers.


The PPH sets all of the daily lines and odds, they set all of the daily events , they accept all wagers over the phone or on the website. This is your gaming website and all you do is log in every day and manage your players. Call the PPH today and ask them about their software and how to get started.