Online Bookies Stay Up-to-Date: Sportsbook Changes Headed Your Way

Online Bookies Stay Up-to-Date: Sportsbook Changes Headed Your Way

The Supreme Court shut down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. That pretty much ensures that online bookie agents can run their sportsbooks in peace.

The Act had made it illegal for states to allow bookmaking. Now, states can allow bookmaking.

Does that mean that bookies could be in trouble of losing their business? Not necessarily.

There are multiple reasons why, if anything, the Supreme Court’s decision could help individual bookies increase action.

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How Can Sportsbook Action Increase?

There are various reasons why an individual’s online bookie business should increase now that the Supreme Court has made it unconstitutional for the Federal Government to prevent states from offering sports wagering.

Below, are a few reasons why.

1. States haven’t jumped onto the sports betting train

States outside of New Jersey, who already had a form of sports betting, and Delaware haven’t jumped on the sports betting bullet train.

The reason? Wagering on sports doesn’t make as much money as wagering on slot machines, other casino games, and horses.

Horse racing is itself an industry. It will always make some money. Casino betting, and slot machine betting, is where the big dollars are, not sports betting.

Ask any casino manager and they’ll tell you that the casino at every establishment in Vegas makes more money than the sportsbook.

2. Pay Per Head Agents Have a Specific Client Base

The changes with non-individually run sportsbooks won’t have much bearing on your specific client base. Here’s why:  your clients are your clients for a reason. They choose to wager through you. You are their online bookie.

If your clients decide to wager through an actual brick and mortar casino that has a sportsbook, your clients must travel to the casino. The same reason they play in your online casino is the reason they will continue to play in your online sportsbook.

3. You Can Provide Customer Service

Both casual and pro sports bettors prefer the intimacy of playing with an individual that they personally know. This is why even though online bookies run sportsbooks via the Internet, most of their clients are locals.

That’s just the nature of sports betting. Pro sports bettors, especially, prefer to play through smaller online sportsbooks than gigantic sportsbooks.

The fact that you can provide intimate customer service makes you a much better option than any large casino. Yes, state’s that open sportsbooks will garner new sports betting clients.

However, that’s not your bread and butter. You’re bread and butter is taking care of your clients. If you never forget that, you’ll remain successful no matter how many sportsbooks a state opens.

That’s why pay per head agents need a premium bookmaking software in order to continue to grow their sportsbook business and keep thriving as the doors open for individual online bookies.

PayPerHead is a premium sportsbook solution which allows bookies to do what they do best, take care of their sports bettors.

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