Master the Trade | What Every Aspiring Bookie should Know

There are more than a few tricks when it comes to the subtle art of becoming a bookie. Many people get into this business thinking that their lives will change in a month and instead of driving a 1998 Ford Bronco, they will be moving on up to 2020 Benz. Look, we hope it happens for you and we are rooting for your success, however, the 1998 Bronco to a 2020 Benz in a month is not realistic. There is value in setting goals and in this business, you must set goals in order to stay motivated. Don’t settle for 25 clients, go out and find 25 more, then find 25 more and keep pounding the pavement until your hard work pays off. The first thing you must do is to make sure that you’re grounded with a solid base in which to work from. You must have an online presence and it matters not if you have 1 client, or 200. What matters is having a presence so that others can find you and so that your existing clients can gamble with you 24/7


Using Pay Per Head as an Option


  •         Over the last 20 years online gaming has taken a very large step foreword with the inception of the pay per head. What the pay per head industry has done is to revolutionize the job of a bookie and make their clients feel as if they are playing with any number of the “big time” online bookmakers.


  •       A pay per head is an online sportsbook that is custom built for you, the individual bookie. The pay per head comes loaded with bookmaking software that can be crafted to fit your needs and the needs of your clients.


  •         The pay per head is an online sportsbook, racebook, and casino, all-in-one. There is nothing to download, no programming skills needed, and absolutely everything is done for you.


  •         The bookie has two difficult jobs, one is managing money, the other is setting lines and odds. This is not an easy task and unless you are skilled and experienced, it can be brutal. You must set lines and odds that players are attracted to, but you must keep the advantage your way. The pay per head sets all of the daily lines and odds and they set all of the daily sports action for you. You literally touch nothing. The beauty of all of this; the pay per head gives you the power to change any lines and odds at any time you wish. Remember, this is your bookie website and the pay per head works for you.


  •         Bookies have a lot on their plate, and it comes quickly. Not only do you set lines and odds, but you must also account for every dollar that comes to the house and every dollar that leaves the house. Budgeting is vital to your existence and the pay per head providers offer daily financial reports as well as player reports.


  •         You must know where ever player stands on a daily basis and that’s extremely difficult without player reports.


  •         Bet slips: You are in the betting business, so your hope is that players bet with you every day. What happens when you have no software to help you? You write the bets lips, and you grade them when the event has ended. You must grade them quickly because players are demanding and they want to bet their winnings and of course, you want them betting their winnings. The pay per head grades all bet slips as well as takes bets online. No more sitting up until 4:00 AM grading bet slips. No more mistakes and player disputes.



Bookies have many options when it comes to available software. The best pay per head providers have mastered the art of knowing what players want and knowing what you the bookie needs.


If you are a bookie that wants to earn a great income, then you must allow a pay per head to manage your players. There is simply no better way. The cost is reasonable and starts at around $7 per head depending on the level of service. If you are looking for player security, customer loyalty, and great client services. Then look no further than a fantastic pay per head. Call one today and ask for a no obligation free trial. 


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