Make this one change and improve your business

pph4121Make this one change and improve your business

The sports betting industry is one of the most exciting and profitable businesses in the world. Everybody knows that and that’s why many, many people decide to take their chances and open up their own operation, to try to get a piece of the action. As in everything else in the world, there are good and bad examples of how to open your own shop and run your business; however, even though there is no secret or magic formula for it, we do have the best advice for you, about one important change you can make to improve your business, and that is joining the Price per Head industry.

Why is Price per Head the best option for your sportsbook operation?

As we already said, there are many ways to run your business and every bookie is allowed to create their own path and reach success in their own way. However, Price per Head has proved to be the fastest and easiest way to make your operation soar and reach a level of success that you probably have never even dreamed of before.

With a good PPH service provider you are guaranteed to lower your overall risk and maximize your profits. How? It’s simple, Price per Head allow you to save thousands and thousands of dollars in everyday operational costs, and all you really must pay is a small weekly fee per active customer. That’s all it takes!

How does Price per Head work?

It’s very simple. Price per Head companies are big offices with highly qualified personnel, with years of experience in the sports betting business, who will be managing the day to day of your operation. Basically, you can forget about renting office space, hiring personnel, buying computer equipment and office equipment, paying for software licenses and much more. A good PPH provider will give you all that and more, all for just a small weekly fee per active customer.

For example, if you manage 50 players in total, your PPH provider will grab your package, create a new website for you, with the most updated and professional sports betting software platform behind it, and will charge you from $10 to $20 dollars per player every week; that’s per active player, it’s important to specify. What this means is that, if out of your 50 players, only 30 played this week, and your fee is $10 per head, then all you need to pay is $300 for the week for your whole operational costs.

Your players are yours alone, and you must deal with them directly; wins and losses are all yours, and you’ll be saving thousands of dollars every week, without having to pay for rent, for example, without having to pay any salaries, monthly software licenses, utility bills, social security and everything else that is involved in any other operation.

Are you ready to give Price per Head a chance? Give us a call today and let us clear any doubts you might have about this. Joining Price per Head is the one real change your operation needs to be able to reach the highest level of success!

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