Looking to Switch Your PPH Service?

Looking to Switch Your PPH Service?

Many bookies have followed their pocket-book when it comes to choosing a great PPH provider and unfortunately many off the PPH companies in today’s markets are nothing short of fly-by-night operations and scammers. They will take your money and you will almost never, hear from them again. They hooked you by the low price and everything sounded golden until you realized the lack of service. The busy season is forthcoming and now is the time to make the switch to a quality PPH provider that promises to communicate with you daily and one that will guide you through the process and never leave your side. The best PPH services are now offering a free trial of four whole weeks, get in, find out what you like and what you don’t like and try it before you buy it.

  • The PPH industry has taken the gaming industry by storm. Bookies everywhere are looking to diversify and in order to do so, they must be online. Well, you know what… It’s close to impossible for small bookies to find the wherewithal needed to fund and build a working-gaming website. 
  • The number one problem is the expense. A great website that’s fully-functional as a sportsbook is not easy to build-it’s complicated. In order to place your bookie business online and bee seen, you either need great connections or you must be a programmer and experienced site builder. 
  • Most bookies are none of the above Where do they find all of this? They find it with state-of-the-art pay per head. For the above-named reasons and many more, bookies have given up going this journey alone and have turned to fantastic PPH providers that are willing to do everything for them at a fair price.

Free Trials in General—

  • Unfortunately, more often than not, free trials are simply not worth the time that it takes to sign up for them. What happens with a free trial is this – the company offering the trial makes the offer sound so promising, so fantastic and often, too good to be true. Many folks fall for the lies and they go ahead and sign up when they find themselves at the end of the sign-up form, that’s when it happens; you must enter your credit card information. This is such a hassle and a giant waste of time. Nobody wants to give their credit card for a free trial. When one is asked for their credit card, the offer no longer feels free. These companies make the potential client feel as if they have been swindled. When a client logs onto a website and takes the time out of their day to fill out a free trial offer, they want and expect free, totally free.
  • The glaring problem with most free trials is the time factor. Most of the companies that are offering free-online trials, are offering them for 3-days, or maybe 7-days. Then as always, they charge your card for the full-line product, leaving the consumer with no time to understand how the product works, how it functions and if they like it on any level. Again, how frustrating. 

How the PPH free trials stack up…

  • The most reputable PPH providers on the internet today are charging around $10-$15 per head, based on the level of service the client chooses. If you are looking for a fantastic PPH to help run your bookie business, then you absolutely want and need a free trial. You may be new to this business and may have limited knowledge as to how a PPH really works. It’s understandable that you would want a free trial.


You want a free trial that offers more than three days, or seven days. You are looking for an outstanding PPH that’s willing to give you at least a month, with no obligation. Find a PPH that is offering the goods, and by the goods, we mean a PPH that is willing to offer their full-on service just as if you had paid for it. Do not settle for less. You want to try before you buy, and you deserve the time it takes to discover if you like what they are selling.


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