Is Your Brand Ready?


Is Your Brand Ready?


 Empowering your brand is a must-do concept that not all local bookies seem to understand. No matter how big or how small you may be, you have a brand, and how you sell yourself matters. What matters, even more, is what you are selling. Are you offering the best to your clients? They deserve the best, they want it, and they are willing to give you money for it. You have to be prepared with what they want. Now, you can be. You must be online with your bookmaking service and you must be offering an online casino and racebook. The sportsbook is great fun; however, this is not where the money is, and any seasoned bookie will attest to this sentiment. Find an online presence with and it’s a guarantee that your clients will love you, they will spend a lot of money, and they will be loyal to the brand you’re building.


  • Get Online, It’s Easy: There is only one way to get online affordably and that’s with a pay per head. The pay per head is the bookie. What they do is offer you cutting edge, state-of-the-art, bookmaking software that acts as a management tool. The software operates your business daily and what you do is manage your players.


  • The daily life of a bookie is not easy. You must set all of the daily side bets in the sportsbook and you need to set them early and have lines and odds attached. You must be available at all times of the day and night for your clients to contact you and place their bets. You must grade all of your bet slips and most importantly, you must balance your books. You must keep a working budget and know exactly how much you can spend. When we say “spend” we mean how much you can allow your clients to spend. Remember, this is the gambling business and every bet that comes in is a potential loss. Can you afford the losses?


  • THERE IS MORE! Yes, your duties are not finished quite yet… You must also know exactly where every player is at all times. We mean this in the betting sense. Your player management skills will be tested if you are a local bookie without any way of keeping track of what your players do. The pen and paper are simply not enough. You must know at all times who is beating you and by how much. How much are you allowing them to bet, what are you allowing them to bet on? You must know who is losing and how you can keep them in the fold. You want loyalty, you must have player loyalty, or this gig is not worth doing. There is a balance between offering promotions/bonuses and limiting how much players bet because they are beating you.


  • Are you tired yet? The description above is enough to drive anyone up the wall, however, this process doesn’t have to be hard. This entire process is easy if you have the right bookie software. Call the PPH provider and ask them a few questions.


  • Is the PPH open 24/7 and do they have a stellar reputation for the best customer service. Do they offer gaming knowledgeable agents that speak English? Will they custom-build your website for free? If they do none of the above – find another PPH.


  • What do they charge for their services? Be careful, there are many fly-by-night PPH providers that say they will give you PPH fees for $2, Look, you get what you pay for. In this business, there are many fake people and they will say anything they can to steer you in their direction. |


The best bookie software providers are charging $7-$13 per head. This is a fair and affordable fee. Every bookie can afford this fee because every bookie should be asking for a minimum wager amount. One minimum wager amount will cover the one time per week fee. You must be online if you want to offer a Las Vegas-style casino, as well as a world-class racebook. In these times, you must be ready to offer your clients what they want to bet on. Call the PPH today and start earning what you’re worth.

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