How To Become a Bookie In College

pay per head companyHave you ever wonderdered how to make money while in college? If you’re a college student, you are a lucky person indeed. Your life is generally devoid of adult responsibilities and full of anticipation and discovery. Your future is more or less ahead of you, and you are making contacts that last for the rest of your life. As long as you can get the schoolwork handled, you could hang around for the duration and then take advantage of quite a few other opportunities.

And what if we told you that one of those opportunities involved bringing in something of which all college students can use a little more of.


You are in a great position


Your status as a student actually puts you in a position to meet a need, both for yourself and others. And when you think about it, that’s what the world of business is all about. But hey – you don’t have to be a business major to be involved in business. All you have to do is recognize that which is in front of you and to work smart.

Don’t forget the “smart” part, which we are going to get to in a few moments. Because we are talking about the possibility of you becoming a bookie.

That’s right.

In college, you are not only in an academic environment but a social environment as well. So you’ll have the chance to meet a lot of people, and many of them are going to have the same interests you have.

Maybe one of those interests is sports, right? And when you think about, you also could be in an environment that is connected in some way to sports, through the varsity teams that represent your college or university. Institutions come in many sizes, but almost without exception, there are teams that compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) or National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

It’s your target audience


1. Most college students are between the ages of 18 and 22, and if they are males, there is a chance they could be interested in sports in some way. When you are commuting to school or are living there way from home, you’re going to have the chance to be in close contact with a lot of these people on a daily basis.

2. With each passing year, the demographic that is interested in the gambling world skews younger and younger. So when you think about it, you are right in the midst of a target-rich atmosphere. You don’t have to go out of your way to reach your ideal audience, because it is literally all around you. And this is especially the case if you are involved in a social organization such as a fraternity or a special interest club.

3. Inasmuch as social interaction – which can otherwise be referred to as networking – is an organic part of your existence in the college atmosphere, you are in a unique position to deliver a quality service for those who want it. And that service is to be their outlet for wagering on sports.

There’s huge interest – whether you know it or not


College students are like everybody else. They watch sports. They read about it. They have access to almost infinite resources through which to obtain information. Some of this information is related to sports betting, and it is more prevalent since the federal court’s ruling that opened up the entire nation to the activity.

And you might think that, as a student, who doesn’t have a lot of access to money or skilled personnel, how you might be able to set this kind of thing up. So today’s good news is that we can help you with all of that, making it as trouble-free as possible. Imagine having a complete turnkey solution, including having the odds automatically updated, with all the records of your customers at your fingertips. Imagine that at any moment, you know where you stand, both overall and with each individual customer. This is achievable through a pph sportsbook online service

You don’t need huge bankroll


You don’t have to take large bets to make money. You can start small and build yourself up. All you’ll need is a small bankroll to get started. A quick tip – if you ask your parents for the money, don’t tell them what it is for.
Other things to keep in mind: work with customers and operatives you can trust. Don’t get too close to people involved in the athletic department (including players), since you don’t want to create problems for yourself or others. And ALWAYS pay your customers on time when you owe them.

And in terms of upfront costs, they don’t really exist. You will only pay a “per head” fee for each individual player who goes into action with you. Let us propose the first wager – we’d bet your marketing professor would call that a very efficient way of doing business.

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