Do You Know What’s Going On at Your Online Sportsbook?

Do You Know What’s Going On at Your Online Sportsbook?

Avid sports bettors are all about the action and even recreational bettors tend to get caught up with what they are betting on each week. The bottom-line goal of any sports bettor is to win more tickets than you lose; however you could be leaving some money on the table if you are not consistently dialed into what else is going on at all the online sportsbooks where you hold an active betting account.

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Sportsbooks want your money in the form of lost wagers, but most of the top offshore sportsbooks taking action online are more than willing to give you something in return for your efforts, win or lose. The best starting point to finding out what is going on is the ‘promotions’ page on your book’s website. Most of the sites do an excellent job at clearly spelling out what kind of bonus offers you can earn and how you have to earn them.

Most sports bettors know about the new account bonuses that just about every online book offers for attract new customers to their services. Many of the books have added a loyalty bonus to the mix that can give you cash back in the form of free bets for every additional deposit you add to your account. One prominent online betting site is offering a 25 percent lifetime bonus guaranteed on each and every reload you make. It will go as far as to offer up to $1000 in free plays when all the terms and conditions of this offer have been met.

Just about every online book offers a refer-a-friend bonus, but when was the last time you took advantage of this incentive. There has to be someone in your circle of acquaintances looking for some sports betting action. Why not steer them towards one of your books and pocket some free-play cash.

Super Bowl props incentives in early February give way to the madness of March and now is the time to get up to speed on how your overall betting bankroll can benefit from one of the best months of betting action all year long. Most of these college basketball contests are free to enter if you have an active betting account and they are a very easy way to add even more excitement to all the action on the court.

The top online sports books are big on promoting all the added-value services they bring to the table to separate themselves from their competition. So much so, that they are willing to throw in a bonus offer or incentive for things such as your first live in-game wager or your first bet placed through their mobile betting platform. If any of these valued-added benefits are new to you, why not get paid for trying them?

Most sportsbooks also offer fast and easy access to any number of daily betting cards for horses through their own online racebook. Often times you can earn a cash-back rebate on all your horse racing bets up to a set percent. Even if you are having a rough day at the track, you can still recoup some of your losses through this rebate program.

If you want to try your luck at some online casino gambling, there are sure to be some incentives in place to reward your play. Whether you are into slots, poker room tournaments or live-dealer table games, the level of sophistication at these online casinos can make you feel like you are on the Strip in Las Vegas. Best of all, you can earn cash-back rewards and other types of bonuses just for playing the games.

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