Cut Your Losses


Hey local bookies, have you thought about what might work best to give back on the horse after a pandemic? What you should be thinking about first and foremost are profits and losses. What is the best way to manage your margins? The pay per head has come along at the right place and at the right time. The pay per head can cut your losses, and we can show you how. First, you must understand the pay per head, you should have a clear understanding of what it can do for your business and why you would want to do business with a PPH. 


  • Bookies, if you are not online then you must get online immediately. Don’t delay this any further there is simply no excuse the cost is reasonable, if you have any clients whether, at one or 1000, you can afford to be online with a pay per head. For between $7.00 -$13.00 per head, per week, per active player you can be online in a day or two and enjoying all the benefits of an online sportsbook, hey Last Vegas-style virtual casino, and a world-class horse betting venue. 


  • The best per head providers on the Internet are now offering their services to local bookies, not only do you get all of the above described but you also get a free, custom-built gaming website. The website comes with all of the bells and whistles when you look at the website it’s as if you are looking at any top-notch online sportsbook.


  • The PPH does many things for you and it all starts daily in the sportsbook. They set the daily sporting events, they set all of the events that have lines or odds attached. They also set all of the day’s lines and odds for you. Guys, gals, this is a big deal … If you have been a bookie on any level then you know exactly why this is a big deal. It’s not easy to get up every morning at the crack of dawn or earlier and organize all of your daily sporting events all the while, attaching lines and odds to each event. You may or may not have experience as a line mover, or as an oddsmaker. You likely have no experience whatsoever and that’s OK, it’s perfectly OK. The vast majority of online bookmakers do not have experience in lines and odds. The beauty of the PPH is the simple fact that you do not have to have experience with lines and odds or as a bookie. You don’t have to have experience in the world of online gaming, including the virtual casino, as well as the racebook. 


  • The PPH does everything for you, they are the bookie, and they do your daily job for you. They do everything we just described above and much more such as all of your daily accounting, they accept all wagers either on the website or over the phone, and they are customer service for you and your clients. the PPH will have an 800-number that can be accessed from the United States, 24/7.


  • With a Pay per head you will find that you have time to manage your players as well as manage your money. Both of these are important aspects of operating as a successful bookmaking business. You must know where your players are at all times, are they “up on” the house, are they down? It’s also quite obvious that you don’t want your teeth being kicked in daily, neither do you want your players losing all of the time, you must have a balance. The way to have a balance is by managing your players, what events they see, what lines and odds they see, and what you choose to offer them as incentives for play. The point is, now you have the opportunity to manage your business. 


Pick up the phone and make that call. it just might be the best phone call you will ever make. The PPH will change your life because it will change your bank account, we guarantee it. Call today and ask for your free gaming website, start earning what you are worth as a bookie, and make 2021 your best year ever.

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