Compare Online Bookie Odds


Compare Online Bookie Odds

Players often look for bookies that have the highest odds for a particular sports event. They aim at making huge profits.

Some beginners have a murky understanding of odds. In this post, we discuss how to compare online bookie odds, why sportsbooks have different odds and the benefits of comparing odds.

How to Compare Bookie Odds

Many customers compare the prices of goods at different stores. The same applies to gamblers, as they often want to place value bets. You can visit several bookmakers to compare their lines and odds if you have a strong internet connection.

You can wager on the same sport using different accounts. For instance, if three bookies are offering betting markets for a tennis game between David Goffin and Milos Raonic, three sportsbooks can give the match the following odds:

David Goffon vs Milos Raonic- Game winner


Bookie A: David Goffon 1.35

                 Milos Raonic 2.80


Bookie B: David Goffon 1.30

                 Milos Raonic 2.90


Bookie C: David Goffon 1.40

                 Milos Raonic 2.80

Bookmaker C is suitable for sports enthusiasts who want to wager on David as it has the highest winning odds. Also, you can wager at Bookmaker B if you want to support Miles. The variation in odds for both players might seem subtle, but it will increase with time.


It is easy to compare win bets odds. You need to visit several websites and pick the one with the best odds for a specific selection. But, things change when you want to place totals or point spreads bets, as you need to consider the totals line or spread size.

Some punters often pick safe betting options rather than selecting the highest odds. At times, it is advisable to increase your winning probability rather than your possible payout.

Why Bookies Have Varying Odds

The gambling industry has many sportsbooks and clients. Leading bookies strive to expand their clientele by offering nice odds and lines.

They understand that a huge percentage of their clients are sensitive to price changes. So, they decide to increase their odds to entice you.

Still, bookmakers protect their margins a lot as they cannot offer high lines and odds throughout the year. Some of them consider the following reasons when creating odds:

  • Clientele: in the past, online bookies were called “square books”; sportsbooks from all over the world use the same principles. Professional punters use sharp books while recreational pundits use square books.
  • Overall Appearance: the overall outlook of a bookmaker influences their lines and odds. Bookies make predictions of what will happen next and adjust the odds of the most likely outcome to discourage punters from betting on it.
  • Balanced Books: sportsbooks strive to have balanced books. It helps them determine their current financial position and maintain their desired profit margin. A bookie is likely to incur losses if their book is unbalanced.

For instance, if there are unusually high odds for the underdog in a soccer game, the bookmaker will lose huge sums of money if the underdog wins. So, they will reduce the odds of the underdog and increase those of the strong side. This will create a balance in the number of bets placed on each team.

Sometimes, the amount of money that betting firms accept causes them to change lines and odds. If this happens, you will not notice a significant difference between their odds and those of other sites.

Most online bookies have detailed and easy to navigate websites that show the odds of various sporting events. It is important to understand different types of odds to make the right comparison. You can sign up at two bookies and place bets on the one that has higher odds or bonuses.


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