College Basketball Betting — NCAAB Futures Update for Bookies

Slight changes in college basketball national championship futures mean that online bookie agents had better be ready for a massive influx of future bets. Before getting into what those agents can do about it, check out the odds.

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NCAAB Futures: Updated Odds

Duke Blue Devils   +160

Tennessee Volunteers  +750

Kentucky Wildcats   +750

Virginia Cavaliers   +800

Gonzaga Bulldogs   +850

Michigan Wolverines   +850

Michigan State Spartans  +1200

Kansas Jayhawks   +1800

Nevada Wolf Pack   +2200

North Carolina Tar Heels  +2500

Marquette Golden Eagles  +3500

Pay Per Head Agent Plan

As has been the case since the season first started, the Duke Blue Devils present a serious issue for pay per head agents. Duke offers the lowest odds of any team listed. Often, bookies might consider anything below +200 underlay odds.

In most cases, we want players betting on underlay odds teams.

However, that might not be the case for Duke. The Blue Devils are the best team in college basketball. They’ve beaten Virginia twice and have only lost to Syracuse, which was an anomaly loss, and Gonzaga over a neutral court.

This might be Coach K’s best team ever and Coach K has won 5 National Championships.

Duke could be an overlay at +160.

How should online bookies handle Duke? They must handle Duke depending on what’s already happened in their sportsbook.

If they’ve taken plenty of action on the Blue Devils, they should simply take Duke off the board, or strategically set up schedule limit overrides, or change the line using your PayPerHead Prime Package tool, the line mover, on the Devils to discourage wagering.

If they haven’t taken enough money on Duke, allow wagers on the Blue Devils.

Again, Duke is the best team in college basketball. Just because they’re favored to win the title, it doesn’t mean they won’t, or that they offer underlay odds

Other NCAAB Future Odds Bookies Should Watch

The other team listed that bookies most definitely must pay attention to are the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

Gonzaga’s the only team to beat Duke.

Not only that, they should be the freshest 1-seed heading into the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament.

The Zags  play in the West Coast Conference. That’s an awful conference outside of Gonzaga. Mark Few has taken his team all the way to the National Championship Game.

Few got Gonzaga to beat Duke earlier in the season. Why couldn’t he do it again if the Zags face the Blue Devils

The current #2 team in the nation offers overlay odds at +850.

Kentucky, Virginia, Michigan, and the rest of the teams on the list also offer overlay odds.

The only team on the list that offers underlay odds are the Tennessee Volunteers. Kentucky smacked Tennessee with a 13 point win last weekend.

Not only that, Vols coach Rick Barnes has only made it to the Final Four once.

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