Categorize Your Players for More Profit

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Categorize Your Players for More Profit


In business, the key to any productive relationship with a client is essentially getting in their head, finding what they want, and doing your best to provide that experience.

Unfortunately, we’re not mind readers. Nor do most of us have a degree in gaming psychology. However, in gaming, there are certain pieces of information to look for to help categorize your clientele.  Profiling your players the right way ensures you know who you’re dealing with and what kind of experience you should provide.

And, most importantly, can you provide it?


Understand their Bankroll


The first way to understand and categorize your players is to understand the amount they’re willing to risk. Just like a host taking care of clients at Caesar’s Palace, you have to know the bankroll you’re dealing with to understand if offering the penthouse suite equals positive returns for your casino.

See their average wager, win or lose, and you’ll have a better understanding of the service, perks, and limits they deserve. Do they spend quickly, freely, and frivolously? Or, do they prefer a smaller, strategic, more methodical approach?

Do they withdraw immediately after a big win? Or after victory, do they continuously play purely for entertainment? Understanding how they like to risk and spend will let you know the time, money, and perks you should offer.


What Games Do They Play and Why?


The easiest way to categorize your players is to base it on the type of games they play. A pure blackjack player has a more strategic and systematic approach to building their bankroll. Slots players are looking for a quick, lucky payday.

Poker players want the rush of winning big while out-thinking (or in some cases, bluffing) the opposition. Sportsbook players want a little something extra added to their sports entertainment. And racebook players are looking to pick quick winners using knowledge and understanding.

The game they choose can tell you what type of experience for which they’re looking. Is the player’s approach methodical and analytical? Or is it fast, furious, and anxious? Understanding what type of games they play and how they like to play them will help you understand their needs and where to place them on your priority list.


What Perks Gets Them Playing


When you want something to grow and progress, you have to invest time, and sometimes money, into it. That’s definitely the case in online gaming. 

Every online game of chance has an edge for the house. The only way to ensure players stay in that house is by investing in them. Ensure you categorize your players by what kind of bonus program they deserve that will bring you long-term gains.  Classifying them in this way will tell you how much time and resources you need to invest in keeping them as clients.

Generally, this is where VIP programs with tiered levels come in. A low-tier player may get general service and occasional perks. Your elite clientele gets one-on-one service, free trips, and more free play.


Types of Categories


You’re probably not a psychologist, but once you’ve combined the information above, you can start to categorize your players. Some examples are as follows:


Entertainment Player


These are players who wager purely for entertainment. Victory is what they seek, not money. Players who make a lot of deposits have had a considerable balance, but barely take withdrawals. Want to play comfortably without hassles or restrictions like a never-ending weekend in Vegas.


What They Need for you to Profit:


  • A dedicated host to ensure they have everything they need to make their experience comfortable and seamless.
  •  Proactive gifts and offers that make them feel elite and exclusive.


Business Player

Loves to play but looks for the profit margin in all situations to feel like they’ve negotiated the best deal possible (i.e., bonuses, tickets, withdrawal methods, etc.). Will also try their best to play with intelligence and strategy.


What They Need for you to Profit:


  • A bonus/perks program based on net losses.



These are players that look to reach an unattainable balance to withdraw. Will keep playing until they reach their own mental goal, but it’s generally too large to reach realistically. And if they ever reach it, they will push past it anyway.


What They Need for you to Profit:


  • Games with big rewards like slot machines and progressives.
  • A tiered service based on a handle that lets them work for more perks.




Whether it’s a good day or a bad day, they want your sympathy, and they want you to know about it. Half the fun is talking about their losses and the torment that comes with it. Talk can range from positive to negative communication, regardless of wins or losses.


What They Need for you to Profit:


  • Knowledgeable service providers that understand the games, odds, and industry.
  • Service providers with patience and the ability to listen.




Will make excuses, use conversation, be dishonest, or use small, petty issues for perks or personal gain. It could cost you more money than gain.


What They Need for you to Profit:


  • A standard program that is low on bonus offers.
  • An experienced gaming establishment that knows the rules and games to avoid exploitation.


Staying ahead of your player’s wants and needs will help your gaming establishment maintain a hefty profit margin. Use these tips to categorize your players and know where to put your resources for maximum gains.

After categorizing your players, you want to make sure that they have access to the top sports betting platforms. That includes accessing a live dealer casino, sportsbook, digital casino, and digital racebook.

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