Bookies are Investing in Technology


Bookies are Investing in Technology


If you’re a local bookie you must start knowing what time it is. It’s time to walk away from the old and start fresh with something that works, better yet – something that will earn you a fantastic income. Bookies are always looking to improve what they have to offer. You must be looking out for your clients, after all, they are your bread and butter. How can you keep clients? The better question is this how can you keep your clients loyal? We’re not going to say it’s easy to find clients, however, we will say “it’s easy to find clients” and as we say it, know this, we say it tongue in cheek. It’s easy to find clients but it is not easy to keep them loyal. oh sure, your clients will look like they’re not going anywhere, but we’ve been around the block way too long, and we know the truth. 


  • Think about this … As a local bookie, what do you have to offer your clients right now? what are you offering them every day? Are you offering them a state-of-the-art online sportsbook that comes with all of the bells and whistles such as a sleek user interface, and a huge wagering menu that sits on a smooth and easy-to-use platform? 


  • What about a huge variety of sports, and along with those sports, what about fantastic lines and odds? As a local bookie, you are accustomed to clients calling you when they want to place a wager. There is nothing wrong with this it’s old school it’s fun and it’s what bookies do. This is exactly the description of a local bookie’s life. The problem for local bookies, this old-school way of doing business is no longer working there is simply too much competition online for it to work. Any client you have can sign up with an online sportsbook in less than 10 minutes, have a deposit in, and be gambling-spending money. 



  • How can you offer your clients what the online bookmakers are offering? Can you give your client the same software they will receive with the online sportsbooks? Of course, you can! You can absolutely offer your clients everything and more than any online sportsbook is offering today. 


  • The pay-per-head is an online software provider for bookies. The PPH is the bookie, they offer you, and anyone that wants to become a bookie I’m any level, they are offering the chance of a lifetime to find an online presence for your bookmaking operation. They will even custom build your gaming website for free. That’s right, you heard us correctly  -they will build your gaming website for free, you don’t have to pay for it later and you can use it in a day or two. Yes, you will be operational with your gaming website within a couple of days. 


  • All you need to do is call a fantastic PPH provider and tell them you want in. Yes, there is of course a nominal charge to use the services of a great PPH. The best ones in the industry right now are charging around $7.00 per head, per week, per active player. You will never pay for any player that doesn’t play during any given fiscal week. your clients may play one time per week, or an unlimited number per week – they can gamble on your gaming website, in the sportsbook, in the racebook,  or the virtual casino. they can play as much as they like or as little as they like. The point is this; you will never be charged more than once per week, per player.


Now is the best time to get in the PPH providers are giving you a path you earn a fantastic income. if you want to earn great money then you must be online. Online is where your clients are, they want to play 24/7 and they want to play on their time, not yours. Make the call today to start earning what you are worth as a bookmaker and give the responsibilities to a PPH. They do all the grunt work for you. 


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