Best USA Betting Sites for NFL & College Football Betting Online Offshore


Best USA Betting Sites for NFL & College Football Betting Online Offshore

With the 2021 NFL and College Football seasons underway, now is as good a time as ever to point out the best USA betting sites offshore to play with this season for NFL and College Football betting. The online sportsbook industry is a very volatile industry and bettors need to pay attention to the latest news and headlines to make sure they are depositing their hard earned money with reputable, licensed and regulated betting sites.

A top sportsbook can be one of the best in the business and suddenly fall victim to financial issues and begin to take a nose dive quick. They go to take the hard earned money of their trusting players with them. We’ve seen it happen time and time again over the years.

Some of the biggest names catering to the USA sports betting market offshore have gone belly up in the flash of an eye and hosed players out of their funds overnight. BetOnSports, MVP Sportsbook, BetUS and WSEX are just a handful of companies that have either been shut down by the USA government due to fraud or, worse, flat out stolen the funds from their players after they started having financial issues.

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The main problem these sportsbooks run into is they end up having too aggressive of a marketing campaign and end up spending way too much. They simply can’t continue to bring in enough new accounts and depositors to pay their marketing bills and the players who end up requesting withdrawals. It’s basically a big Ponzi scheme that far too many dishonest USA betting sites have run over the years while trying to gain market share and dominate a very lucrative and competitive USA sports betting market.

The good news for readers of this article today is we have taken pride in promoting only the best of the best sportsbooks over the years. We’ve turned down a lot of advertising money over the years from USA sportsbooks that don’t meet our standards. If we don’t trust our own money betting at a sportsbook than we simply can’t recommend that outfit to our readers and clients. Period. End of story.

Without further ado, below are our recommended USA betting sites and sportsbooks to play with this NFL and College Football season. We play with these sportsbooks ourselves and have for years now. They have not once burned any of our clients and we have received not one single payout complaint from anyone regarding these top shelf sportsbooks. They are the cream of the crop. Bar none.

Best USA Betting Sites for NFL & College Football Betting – Top Football Sportsbooks Offshore

#1 BOVADA Sportsbook – GRADE: A+ | PROMO: 50% Bonus upto $750

BOVADA is our #1 recommended USA betting site for not just NFL and College Football betting but for all betting across all sports. Bovada has been in business for over 20 years and have a flawless reputation. They offer LIVE in-game betting for football, tons of props, sides and totals on NFL and College Football games plus parlays, teasers and so much more. A great betting site for USA citizens. However, keep in mind, Bovada accepts new accounts from just 45 states and not all 50.

If you are a citizen of New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Nevada then you cannot open an account at Bovada due to state regulations. CLICK HERE to Open an Account and get the 50% INSTANT BONUS OFFER upto $750 FREE that is offered from BOVADA for ALL sign ups. For a more detailed review and more information about BOVADA, please read the BOVADA Sportsbook Review. Also, check out the latest Bovada Deposit Bonus Code 2021.


#2 GT Bets Sportsbook – GRADE: A+ | PROMO: 100% Bonus upto $500

GT Bets Sportsbook is another one of our favorites for betting on NFL and College Football. GT Bets has been around now since 2011 and has a flawless reputation for treating it’s players right. GT Bets offers incredible sign up and reload bonuses plus more props than you know what to do with(a good thing!) and spread/total lines on all NFL and almost all College Football games. They also offer exciting progressive parlays in NFL and NCAAF where you can turn a $5 bet into $50,000.

GT Bets isn’t your old man’s sportsbook. They offer innovative wagering opportunities that nobody else does. GT Bets accepts new players from all USA states except the following: Louisiana, Washington State, Washington DC, Maryland, Kentucky, West Virginia, Missouri, Michigan, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Mexico, New Jersey and New York. CLICK HERE to Open an Account and get the 100% BONUS OFFER upto $500 FREE that is offered from GT Bets for ALL sign ups. For a more detailed review and more information about GT Bets, please read the GT Bets Sportsbook Review.


#3 Intertops Sportsbook – GRADE: A+ | PROMO: 100% Bonus upto $100

Intertops is right up there with Bovada for our top recommended betting site for all sports, including NFL and NCAA Football betting. This company has been online for over 21 years since 1996 and they are the first sportsbook to ever take an online bet. Intertops offers a wide selection of NFL and NCAAF betting options including spreads, totals, teasers, parlays, round robins, LIVE in-game betting, contests and much more. Simply put, Intertops is as good as it gets and one account works for the sportsbook, casino and poker room.

The only downside to Intertops is they do not allow signups from residents in 7 states including Louisiana, Missouri, Maryland, Washington, New Jersey, New York and Kentucky. However, if you live almost anywhere else world-wide you are good to go! CLICK HERE to Open an Account and get the 100% INSTANT BONUS OFFER upto $100 FREE(USE Promo Code ROOKIE100 in the LIVE CHAT after you deposit to claim bonus) that is offered from Intertops for ALL sign ups. They also offer a 50% BONUS upto $200 with promo code ROOKIE50 and a 200% BONUS upto $50 with promo code ROOKIE200. You can choose your own bonus based on your deposit amount. For a more detailed review and more information about BOVADA, please read the Intertops Sportsbook Review.

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