Agents on PPH


Agents on PPH

With the proliferation of legal sports betting sites offered by the largest casino operators in the word, it probably seems as if the local bookies are being squeezed out of the market. In some locations that may be possible, but only 20 states currently allow some combination of online and casino sportsbook to operate legally.

That leaves a lot of places in the United States that are going unserved for placing wagers on sports. It’s probably true that the expectations of how lines and odds can be seen and bets placed have been changed with the high profile sites.

 That doesn’t mean that local sports betting agents are necessarily fighting an uphill battle. Although online sites have access to the latest technology, offering online, mobile and live betting, local bookies can still compete in what is becoming a growing industry.

 By utilizing Pay Per Head (PPH) software, a local bookie can offer their customers the same kind of  sports betting user interface that they see from Caasar’s Entertainment, DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM or others. The service offers pph sportsbook agents the opportunity to not only give customers the same look and feel, but also manage their business in a much more efficient manner.

 Traditionally, bookies do most of their work by manual processes, personally communicating lines and taking wagers over the phone, via text or in person. It’s easy quickly run out of time to add more customers and increase revenue and profits. In addition, they have to establish ways to keep track of all of that activity.

 By becoming a pph sportsbook agent, lines and odds are available to customers online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The higher end services also have mobile apps and live betting as options for clients. All of the major sports are offered, including the NFL, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, soccer, college sports, golf, tennis, MMA/UFC and others.

 Any wagering type is also supported, with futures, spreads, money lines, over/under, parlays and proposition bets. The pph sportsbook agent has the ability to totally customize what their customers have access to. They can put limits on the sports they will take wagers on, betting types they will accept and how much a client can put down.

 The opening lines are generally set by the PPH provider, but the bookie has the capability to change them at any time, for whatever reason. They may have clients that always bet on a particular team out of loyalty, no matter what the line or odds. It makes sense for the pph sportsbook agent to take advantage of a situation like that.

 They can also offer bonuses and other incentives to get customers to place bets on certain games or to sign up for mobile and live betting. In short, the pph sportsbook agent has at their disposal a terrific business tool that can revolutionize how they conduct their activities.

 One of the most powerful features of PPH service is the tracking and reporting functionality. At any point in time, the bookie can see the wagering history of individual clients or their entire customer base. They have access to information that the sportsbook agent can analyze in order to understand what clients and bets are really generating most of their profits.

 Armed with this data, they can use their personal relationships with their customers to drive action in a more profitable direction. Whether it’s more favorable odds, bonuses or other incentives, the PPH service facilitates going in that direction.

 The role of a pph sportsbook agent is more of a business manager than order taker. The PPH service can transform the bookie from a shadowy figure to a respected partner in the wagering community. With gambling on sports becoming more mainstream, they can move forward along with it.

 Sports leagues, states and networks are all getting on board. Wagering shows can now be seen on ESPN, Fox Sports, CBS Sports, NBC Sports Network and Peacock, to name just a few. With PPH software, bookies can move out of the shadows and into the light by offering their clients state of the art access to sports wagering.

 There are a number of PPH providers, but a great place to start is by visiting for information and trial offers.

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