3 Ways To Find The Ultimate Pay Per Head Provider For Your Business

3 Ways To Find The Ultimate Pay Per Head Provider For Your Business

It’s a fact that online bookies that utilize pay per head services end up making more profit than online bookies that don’t. Finding the right pay per head service can be a chore, though.

Check out 3 ways bookies can find the ultimate pay per head provider for their business. Then, see how PayPerHead.com stacks up compared to the rest.

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1. Pay Per Head Promotions

Look for pay per head companies that aren’t afraid of promoting themselves

If a pay per head company isn’t afraid of promoting itself, there’s a good chance that they’re a legitimate pay per head company.

Companies that have nothing to hide aren’t afraid to tell potential customers that they have nothing to0 hide.

One thing to be wary of are pie in the sky promotions. For example, if someone claims that you’ll increase profits 300% if you go with them as your pay per head partner, be wary.

2. Premium Tools = Premium Price

Look for pay per head companies that offer their premier tools at an extra cost

It might sound counterintuitive to go with the pay per head company that’s more expensive. But, here’s the thing, the more expensive pay per head companies often offer their premier tools for dirt cheap during promotional times.

The key is to first look to see if outside of promotions, does the pay per head company offer their premier tools at a higher rate?

If they do, bookies can rest assured that the premier tools are probably worth it, and are only being offered at the low rate for a specific time.

Kind of like PayPerHead.com, they’re the industry-leading pay per head company available, and they are offering their Prime Package for just $3 Per Head. That’s a 77% discount!

3. Get The Answers To Your Questions

Check out the  pay per head tools, talk to the per head rep.

Due diligence requires you to talk to a rep from whatever pay per head organization you’re thinking of partnering with. Grill the rep. Ask the rep about their specific tools.

Among the tools you’ll want information on are:

  • Hold percentage tool
  • Override tool
  • Mass editing tool,
  • Line mover

These tools are often a part of their premium packages, and a good pay per head company and rep will be able to walk you through, and offer, all the tools mentioned above.

Also, grill the rep on the per head company’s reporting structure. Will you have access to reports that you need to successfully run your business?

Don’t be shy. You might become their customer. So, ask every question that comes to your mind.

Remember, take this information, check out PayPerHead and grill their reps to see if they’re the pay per head company you need to have a successful sportsbook business.

Plus, you can gain access to a live demo account, so you can see for yourself why they’re the industry-leading sportsbook management software available.

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